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    !Comments/Feedback on Confinement Nanny Agencies

    this I-kare agency is previously known as Bliss Confinement. they were closed down by MOM for running an illegal agency. below link show what happened. oh my...
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    Advice Needed: Any Mummy who put baby in infant care centre ?

    try MyFirstSkool. it's value for money.
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    A Good Jogger Stroller

    let me check
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    Advice Needed for Nanny/Babysitter

    google it
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    Need to help, which brand milk powder is the best for infant?

    i need the info too. thanks.
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    Baby prefers grandma, not me

    it is challenging to juggle the closeness with our kids and work at same time.
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    Help! Enrichment for 9 month old

    where do you stay Ashril?
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    Can bf mom do rebonding?

    to be safe, don't
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    2007 moms in West(Clementi, West Coast, Holland)

    thanks for the recommendation.