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    CRAZY8 Spree - Raffles Plc/ Bedok Res Rd, Rate: 1.30

    Hi, repost my order with payment made. 1. size:10 QTY:1 price: USD 4.79 2. SIZE: L QTY:1 PRICE: USD 4.79...
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    CRAZY8 Spree - Raffles Plc/ Bedok Res Rd, Rate: 1.30

    hi , pls advise e total amt for my above 3 items (13.17*1.3 ) or (13.17*0.8*1.3)? Thanks
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    CRAZY8 Spree - Raffles Plc/ Bedok Res Rd, Rate: 1.30

    Hi, can I still order these? 1. size:10 QTY:1 price: USD 4.79 2...
  4. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, i m from batch 3. ordered "His little princess". there's a torn on the cover. Aunty(ur mom) says u r waiting for merchant to bring back a good copy. Would appreciate updates on that. Thanks..
  5. M Spree (AYNIX)

    your pm not working. my hp is 96796952, collection at haig lane. thanks
  6. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi,i ve just transfer 5.48 to you now.My reference is 7263493236.Can you arrange with your mom to call me? I do not have her no. thanks. pm u my hp no?
  7. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, I will collect from haig lane. Do you have stock for desitin creamy with expiry date 2013?If yes, how much does it cost?thanks
  8. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, I did not see my order for this book in batch 3. here my order on 25th sept. cost: 9.49*1.3=12.34 I ve made payment for it on 27...
  9. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi Aynix, just an update.. i ve gotten all my books from your mom. Thanks.
  10. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi Aynix,thanks for your email. I ve got in touch with your mom regarding the collection. I noticed you ve posted the last 8books(minus ''äll 66 books of bible explained'') of my total order in your email, what about the other 14 books?Are they at your mom's place too? thanks for checking
  11. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, I ve emailed you regarding the collection. Look forward to your reply soon and hope to collect by friday at haig lane if that can be arranged. thanks.
  12. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, just transer the top up. reference is 7128596077. like to collect at haig lane. thanks
  13. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi, i ve done the fund transfer. My reference is 7080056427. Thanks!
  14. M Spree (AYNIX)

    hi, thanks for the infor. here my order. cost: 9.49*1.3=12.34 I will do the fund transfer tommorow. As for desitin spree, i wont be...
  15. M Spree (AYNIX)

    Hi,I am interested in this book. Any item how much is the shipping? Thanks.