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    (2009/06) June 2009 MTBs

    Hi mummies, As a we got many quires frm our clients abt which breastpump that is gd, my advise get Ameda brand. It so much better compare to medela. Its quieter and price reasonable. Even some of of our clients who've bought medela pump which cost more than $600, get Ameda. You can also goes to...
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    Put Baby to sleep

    Hi mummies, Would like to share tips how to trained ur baby to sleep well during nite time. Rinse or wipe ur bb at about 9pm.( try to distract your bb not to let them sleep at evening time at abt 6pm) Do bb massage at the same time talk to them. Make sure that their playpen or bb cot bed is lay...
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    (2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

    Malay Heritage Jamu Massage Business Reg :53112205X Our Promotions is back from December 08 - Feb 09 MTB.Visit our website Wish All MTB could have an easy delivery