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    Gynae cost and packages

    Yes, usually the assistant nurse will ask you if you need MC.
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    Private at KKH or Private Gynae?

    anyone hv e breakdown bill of elective csec staying a1 or b1 ward in kkh???
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    latest bill for delivery in hospital

    hi im interested to noe repeated csec in a1 or b1 ward bill.. whats ur gynae charges.. n cash paid in total hosp stay.. currently im still at subsidiced class.. planning to change to private class..
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    hello mommies.. v long din log into forum... hope all r doing good in week 20s..!! most of e baby fairs i go on my own.. decide myself if its small items. hub got no patience for walking row by row with me..
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    KKH Pte A1 Or B1 Elective Csec

    hi mommies.. im gg for 3rd csec.. wonder whats the bill n cash portion for these 2 wards.. whats ur gynae charge for csec?? and any review on Dr Tan Kai Lit???
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    Any reviews on Dr Judy Wong at TMC?

    i used to see Dr Judy Wong for my first pregnancy 4yrs ago.. but i find her cost abit high.. she was recommended by my cousin in law.. she went to her for past 2 pregnancies.. but 3rd one she decided to change as her charges are quite high.. she paid $8k+ for 2nd csec.. n 2bedded in TMC..
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    i use hot pack.. does help too..
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    btw any mommy is having 2nd or 3rd csec?? this is gonna be my 3rd csec.. but dun dare to go for pte gynae.. very scare of e whooping hosp bill.. my 2nd emergency csec bill i came out w 4k cash.. felt so heartpain.. as of now if i cant find any cheaper alternative, i will stick to kkh subsidiced...
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    i hv bodyache way be4.. like 6 7 weeks.. every nite i hv to slp with 2 pillows at my back.. n need to slp abit high up... cant slp flat on e bed.. n alw wake up in e middle of e nite sit on e bed n cant slp.... :( so tired..
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    3rd Csec.. How much CASH to pay if going Mt A 4 Bedder?

    Hi Mommies, This is my 3rd Pregnancy and wouldnt want to try natural already. First 2 pregnancies are Csec. Would like to know gynae charges as currently im seeing KKH subsidiced class.. Previous 2 i was using Dr Poon King Fu (his clinic at Hougang Ave 1 and shared clinic at Mt A).. looking...
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    wow it has been hectic for me for e past few days.. my #2 was admitted to KKH.. yst test result came out to be rotavirus.. quite serious vomitting n diarrhoea.. usually alr dun slp well.. plus e stay in hospital made it worst... so busy until i forgot im pregnant.. the little bud oso will remind...
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    circle is girl... if tick tock left right or up down is boy..
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    alw hungry at tis kind of hour.. n super im love with myojo instant noodle!! my tummy is alw bloated.. cannot hide anymore... my tummy look like 4mths liao.. in my 9 weeks..
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    wow.. sounds interesting.. i used e hair n ring method.. for 2 of mine r accurate.. tis #3 im still waiting.. keke
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    (2015/08) Aug 2015 Mummies

    ya i feel better puking out coz e feeling is like choking up e throat.. but sometimes cannot control n puke out everything.. at nite eat maggie mee agn.. haha