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    Child not Accepted in Childcare

    As gor the childcare, go to another one. If this childcare rules out a kid within a few days, its not a good one.
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    Child not Accepted in Childcare

    Dear Mummy201114, I feel your anxiety. It is a good move to seek professional advise. Hope by now, your should have seen the PD at KKH DCD. They would be able to help you whether its just speech delay or autism or none at all. At this age, might not be able to fully determine if it's Autism...
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    (2013 TTC after loss support group)

    Dear All, I'd poly-cystic ovaries (which mean I don't ovulate regularly), after trying for more than a year, I finally conceive but to end up with ectopic pregnancy and had my tube removed. Continue to try for another year (with clomid and timing around ovulation period), we gave up as we feel...
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    Not saying that you girl definately have developmental delay but better be safe than sorry. In any case, as mentioned, there is a long waiting period to see developement doctors. Why not get the process started and observe in the mean time. Not trying to scare you but my son does point to...
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    Usually girls talk at earlier age than boys. I advocate early intervention (speech therapy) in case there is developmental delay. My son started late at 2 plus and he only talks more than a year later. Better be safe than sorry. If cost is a factor, go polyclinics and get referral to KKH...
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    Is it safe to get pregnant again a few months later after c-section?

    Ada, shouldn't be any problem if you'd take precaution like try not to walk too much, down run. Might need more bed Rest when tummy is bigger / heavier. Then could be higher risk of rupture if you op for VBAC (vaginal birth after csect). Do seek and sten to gynae's recommendation.
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    Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

    K.l. Seow. Happen to see the green grocer on fishpond website selling for SGD999 include shipping. Not sure if need to add GST thou.
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    Advise needed on Mirena

    Thanks for the replies.
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Twin fish, Yap. She just did it this morning although she started to try since last week.
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    1st Birthday, Celebrating at NSRCC , got my cousin who is the golf member there to book for us. Likely to get the cake from pine gardens. It's like a close relative gathering and the place is big enough as there are about 35 of us. Since my girl won't really know anything, I'm likely to do...
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Twin fish, My girl only 7.5kg @ 9 month. Thou the weight is taken after she had running nose and cough thus eat less and lost a bit of weight. She is the consistently on the 25% type thou she born quite heavy(3.4kg @37weeks). But I'd asked my family GP then and she say no worries lah, as long...
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Sheepysheep, Do you often take your baby's weight and plot them on to the health booklet charts ? That can give a good guide of your baby's growth. It should more or less remain within the same percentile. It would only be a concern if there is a sudden drop to a lower percentile. I see...
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    TWhim, I was advised not to freeze potatoes. They say storing purred potatoes can cause a lot of gas in tummy. Sheepysheep, I also do the munching action for my kids to copy. Then when I'm feeding food that I want them to chew, i'll repeat the action. My girl is chewing now. She can...