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    (2024/02/26) Proven AIR-CON SERVICEw/2,000+ SMH-Mummies' Supports So Far!FREE SWAROVSKI-Ring PROMO!

    Hi There's something wrong with my room unit. Fan is sometimes not blowing well & stops completely for a while. I need someone to fix this urgently and to wash the rest of the 3 units plus 2 compressors. As its urgent, I wonder when is the earliest appt u can arrange? How much would the...
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    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Hi bluesnow, I stayed in disneyland resort seaview room so I can't tell u much abt Hollywood hotel. All the characters your child likes will b there. We saw goofy, Mickey n Minnie n Pluto. Extremely friendly. Kept coming back to the table to play n take photo with us. Great fun. Room wise...
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    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Hi bluesnow we've just come bk fr HK on 1 Jan. We visited all the places that u had mentioned. We stayed at Island Shangri-la (HK Island) and getting to the peak via peak tram is a breeze as the station is very near to our hotel. As for Disneyland, we stayed at Disneyland Hotel. Agree it looks...
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    House Movers to Recommend?

    Got the contact of Ultra Movers from internet and got the shock of my life! When it comes to their no obligation quotation, they are quick to respond and spoke so professionally, claiming they provide insurance. If items are damaged there will be total $10k compensation. Sound inpressive rite...
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    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Hi kwala, thx for your info. Checked the website. Was actually trying to see is it more worth it buying the annual pass for 1 child. Am I right to say that the character bf at Disneyland hotel is better than Hollywood hotel?
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    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Hi would like to ask whether anyone knows how much is the park entrance ticket for adults and kids? Also for the play 1 day and get another day free offer for hotel guests, do we still need to get tickets for all? If we get an annual pass for 1 child, will the rest of the family members have...
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    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Can anyone share more about the character breakfast at Disneyland hotel? Do we hv to book in advance? How much?
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    Advice Needed - Porridge for baby

    Think silver fish is better than ikan bilis.
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    Any Porridge Recipies to Share??

    Instead of sun dry your grains, try cooking porridge as per normal with meat n brown rice. When rice is cooked, put vegetables in. Boil n remove from heat. Cool down for a while n pour all contents into blender. Porridge is as fine as purée. U can also add silver fish in the porridge n blend...
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    Anybody had low Placenta but able to deliever bb safety?

    My first one was GA. Hated it. Woke up feeling groggy n nauseous. The other 2 I had epidural n it was so much better. I could sit up n wait for baby to b put on my breast rite after I left OT n returned to room. But I heard others r ok with GA. when r u delivering?
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    Anybody had low Placenta but able to deliever bb safety?

    No I had c- section fir all three. No choice cannot risk cos I might hv bled to death. In fact my gynae even prepared 2 bags of blood for standby but luckily didn't use.
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    Anybody had low Placenta but able to deliever bb safety?

    Had placenta previa for all 3 pregnancies but all went well. 2 babies came out at 37 wks.
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    Cordlife or Stemcord

    If u need a referral, pls email or pm me. Thank you. Oops forgot to mention mine is StemCord.
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    Yes UTI always causes very high fever, my gal's fever went up to 41 degree. Our pd says that only when the child has recurring UTI then need to send for MCU. Because my gal had hers at 3mth old and 11 mth old, MCU was ordered. It was a very painful session for us parents as we see her cry...
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    Any Mummy Who's Also a Teacher?

    Hi clarity, If I were u, I wld also go straight to MOE after getting such absurd ans fr P. Frankly speaking, if you stay on, your P may not give you a 'good time'in sch after MOE step in cos Ps are very scared of any complaints that go straight to MOE. I am sure all trs agree with me on this...