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    (2009/01) January 2009 MTBs

    Any mummies free on sat staying at cck? Maybe can meet and arrange some kid classes together at home =)
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    WTG baby bath tub

    wtg above self collect at cck on weekend 81681230
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    WTG dryper orange sizeL

    WTG above around 8pcs self collect at cck on weekend 81681230
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    Wtg baby bath tub CCK

    Wtg above self collection at cck ave5. 81681230 pls SMS
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    WTB Nespresso Machine

    Replied pls check
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    WTB cny tradition costume

    [email protected] want to collect at chua chu kang
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    Amosco - Any bought from there b4?

    Hi may I know what's their email,website and contact number ? Want to get it on Christmas. 81681230 [email protected]
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    Wtg discount coupon code to shop online

    Anyone want above do email me at [email protected]
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    (2011/03) Mar 2011

    Angelia: welcome! No worries. Jaime: welcome! Haha I know it's compliment haha..Mmm, no la.. I believe if u at my age got kids u will manage to handle too! Im luckily to have good in laws to halp me out..learn a lot from them =) sorry don't remember which one is u leh... Can add me at fb...
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    (2011/03) Mar 2011

    Summer thanks for opening your house. And mummies hope to have more gathering in the future! Anw From what I see here everyone is talking about my age with 2kids.. Lol.. -_-" Angelia:, my girl accidentally step on your girl right? So sorry about it. Feel so bad.. Hope she's ok...
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    (2011/03) Mar 2011

    straylamb: i think u can bring baby to any salon to shave her hair. if not do it on your own? haha. my fil help me to shave my kids hair on full month=)
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    (2011/03) Mar 2011

    Hi Lai, Thanks so much! Will go and check it out tml
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    (2011/03) Mar 2011

    lilprecious:i'm sher. oh, another side of pasir ris. u sahm? my girl havent started sch yet. next year ba. mm,i send u my contact ok mummies,need help! my supply drop alot! dont wana give up! any way to increase milk supply?
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    (2011/03) Mar 2011

    yes staying at blk 708.. st 11? is it near? your boy started school?
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    (2011/03) Mar 2011

    fel: haha no la, think its fair to bring both out together. feel bad if i left one at home. unless really no choice. anyway, need to try to bring them out alone and see whether i can handle ornot =) lilprecious: oh where u stay? i am staying at drive10. i am ok if u dont mind to fetch me =P...