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    ! Advice for work from home..plzzz..!!!

    Hi chewlaichuen Sounds not bad. How long have you been doing this? Is it trustable? Any hidden T&C we not aware
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    Any Introverts Out There?

    Hi all I also introvert type. Unlike my sisters who have alot of friends. They and my husband always say I don't have friends. I don't like company events and will try to stay far far away and will only stick on to a few close friends Am I weird
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    18mth old weigh below 10kg

    Hi Yant (aleemummy) Yr gal drank Pediasure chocolate. What is the colour of her stool ? My son's stool change to very dark colour after drinking Pediasure vanilla.
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    18mth old weigh below 10kg

    Hi mummies My PD oso told me to try give Pedisure because more calories and rich, will gain weight. I've been giving my son Pedisure for 1 mth. He did gain some weight. Maybe you can have a try
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    18mth old weigh below 10kg

    my son 18mth old but his weight is below 10kg. He's been eating quite well on solid food but problem is he don't really like milk, drink less than 500ml per day. Anyone same case as me and who's willing to share ?
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    Hi Stonyfield yogurt can get from Cold storage at Centrepoint and parkway parade, not all cold storage have. I oso give my son eat, very nice because is yogurt with cereal and fruits. Normally i will take out from fridge and leave there half an hour before give my son eat.
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    Any mummies with low weight baby?

    Hi my son oso same same. 18mths at 9kg. Haiz.. I been wondering why is he not putting much weight and try to let him eat more. PD recommend Pedisure because contains more calories. In fact my son don't really like milk but likes to eat solid and adult food. Does baby who don't like milk tend...