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    Advise on coping WITHOUT a Confinement Lady

    my wife is thai & she doesn't , actually hates all those confinement "necessities" only wants ginger water nothing else. will not sticking to tradition affect her health in the long run? what say you?
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    Can we shift hse during pregnancy period????

    i believe that you can shift just don't help out. ever heard of not drilling and/or nailing in the house while pregnant?? I heard that too...!
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    Bonding with BB

    sleeping together would be another way of bonding was told that bb's would prefer the same smell or something thereabouts =)
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    BPA free bottles. Which brand is good?

    anyone tried dr. brown?? Its kinda expensive so i was wondering if it really is as good as it claims to be?
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    Anyone seeing GP then transfer to Gynea

    i think most will be referred to a gynae by a GP. This sounds wierd though...
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    Any Father to be?

    can try those mini bananas form ntuc brand is Dole =)
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    Advice needed: free KKH baby stuff

    anyone knows the list of freebie given by the different hospitals? Or are they more or less the same?
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    Advice Needed: How to remove milk stain from baby's milk bottle

    is it just me cos shouldn't a bottle brush be effective?
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    !Advise needed for procedure of divorce

    you'll get the matrimonial house since you have custody of your girl. No contest there. alimony ask for the maximum, partnership company also means shareholder. think Hoe lawyers asking for the minimum if divorce is consentual. you'll still have to go through the separation period...
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    ! Should i divorce with him

    From a man's point of view :: Leopard cannot change its spot (Believe it) Harsh reality is :: Leave him now, your children will thank you later
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    Processing of Placenta ?

    wow i didn't know placenta can be eaten, after birth my wife was just lying there exhausted. doc then came in with a syringe & took his fill then left. I didn't even know what he needed that for.. maybe he kept it for own consumption. I know better next time round!
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    Put Baby to sleep

    Toby was "forced" trained to stick to a ritual. now at almost 18 months, his sleep ritual is almost clock-work. Was told to train them for play-group/childcare/pre-school.. teach them young, no going out till late, meals at appointed timings etc.. Used to have ZERO time for my wife, follow this...
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    Tips to conceive?

    Just to share, it can go 2 ways. my colleague went to a doctor to enquire why after 3 yrs marriage, they're still "childless", man was told to lay off coffee...???? I didn't know coffee actually played a part.
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    Eczema baby

    good advice here, Toby's skin also break out at times =)
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    BB grow so fast... where to get cheap baby cloths?

    the "want to sell" section is always good, else just pop by your neighbourhood "pasar malam" to get bb clothes at throwaway prices!