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    H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

    hi, i like to order this : 9-12 mth 6-9 mth
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    www.iherb.com_10% off_Free Shipping_Clementi & Jurong Point

    Hi, may i know is it true we cant import healthy times cereal to sg anymore?
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    Confinement Catering

    they have sold their business.
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    for those searching for masters to get names for babies.. try not to go same one. In my previous mummy group... we discovered a few was given the same chinese names by the same master.
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    lilacs, u have no plan to pump out after the two months? still good even if it is two months i feel. breastmilk has anti bodies which is good to protect them since they are so young. breast milk u can pump out and throw if no good mah.. daily new supply. my first child, tat time i kena gout...
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    mine was 2.3kg at week 34. Not very big. This week check is not even week 36th, he commented baby's tummy big. He didnt even measure the rest after seeing the tummy, just ask me go detailed scan. Yea, will decide after the scan i guess. i am guessing he is freak out too because my second boy...
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    her baby is 2.2 kg at birth. poco, i also booked natal essential. this is my second time with them i think. very sad, yesterday i nearly cried in train. gynae told me he is going for 3 weeks holiday and kept commenting my baby is very big but didnt mention how big is he. then ask me go...
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    hihi all i hardly talk here. normally active in fb threads. come here, i dunno who is who le. pai seh... rainbowz u got nose bleed? my nose every morning very suan suan feeling. i think too dry. then when i clean my nose during bath time, i can see blood in my dried up mucus. started using...
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    Diarrhoea almost everyday.

    i have diarrhea alot due to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). it came back full force so after every meal is 2-3 runs of toilet. for your case, i do not know if it is due to IBS or lactose intolerance. U might want to keep yourself away from dairy product and just consume calcium pills n see if it...
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    hi long time no post here burping, i learnt from one of my friends the easier way to burp. literally is to move the baby while he is sitting down from side to side slowly. This will cause stomach to move thus easier to burp. I normally use this method if baby doesnt burp after a while...
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    it is a must to burp your child after every milk feed even if he falls asleep. To remove air from the tummy, you can do some stomach massage for him after bath or before sleep. if you are actively looking after him, u can let him sleep on tummy during afternoon. All these will help prevent or...
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    Wanna make more new frenz

    hi, i stay near pioneer mrt too. currently pregnant with my third son. =)
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    abusive husband

    was he like tat before your marriage? before your kids arrived? if he only changed after kids arrived, he could be having depression-losing his ability to control emotion. If he was all the way like tat even before marriage and before kids come to existent, u might want to seek counselling...
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    madgal, i have invited u. Do check your mail box esp the junk mail
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    (2014/05) May 2014

    i also planning to choose Josiah as my boy's name. My family all starts our with Jo, thus quite limited choice. was deciding between jovan n josiah, but seem josiah gotten more votes from my friends lol