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    Falling sick at 4months

    Hi all. I just developed a stomach flu. Vomitted and had diarrhoea. Didnt eat anything for the whole day except plain porridge. I feel sad coz I'm not getting enough nutrients for my baby. Am reluctant to go see the doctor coz not sure if i should take any medications. Any advice?
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    Anyone took Duphaston before?

    Thanks all for your replies! Feel less apprehensive about taking this med now :)
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    Anyone took Duphaston before?

    Hi all Mums and Mums to be, The gynae i visited for the 1st time prescribed me Duphaston to stabilise my pregnancy. I'm currently in week 5+. I forgot to ask him what the side effects are. After googling when I reached home, it seems there are multiple side effects stated and it was...