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    WTB: Avent duckbill valves & massage cushion

    Looking for the above. Pls pm if you have brand new set for sale. Thank you!
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    (2016/01/30) **California Baby/Naforye/Rufflebutts/Desitin/Sambucol/Shoes for pre-walkers/Unique ...

    hi shopping paradise, i would like to order densitin creamy x 1 pls adivse payment and available. thank you very much.
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    Yew Kwang Studio Photography

    hi, we want to take a family photo with extended family. roughly abt 30 person. can send me the package?
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    Any comments on Montessori for Children

    hi, is the quality of montessori teachings same for different school?
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    Hi mission, thanks for your reply. I stopped my ds antibiotic abt 3mths ago and since he has been sick for almost every other week. Fever, flu, cough etc. I had asked his pd if the antibiotic has something to do with his recent weak immunity but he didnt really think so. But he is sick so...
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    Hi mummies, may i know if stopping of antibiotic after taking for almost 2yrs will cause the child to have lower immunity?
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    What secondary are you from? let see if we can find our ex- class/schoomates?

    anyone here from CHIJ our Lady of Good Counsel Pri?
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    Hi alyjas, My son used to be on celexin 2ml, now change to soficlor also 2ml.
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    he is 10mths old. i wanted to do another MCU when he is 1.5yrs old so that he can off antibiotics earlier but PD also feels it is not useful to redo MCU below 2.
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    same here! pd also suggest circumsion but i also cannot swallow the thots of putting him thru that. i think you pull too hard, think you have to be very gentle, its very sensitive leh you will hurt him like that. how old is your son? is he due for another MCU?
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    mission, ya i did. cos pd also mentioned that ds foreskin a bit tight so got to clean very carefully otherwise might collect bacteria alyjas, the only way to confirm reflux is thru MCU test. Dun worry too much. Actually, usually if boys has UTI, higher chance of reflux compared to girls.
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    by the way, just want to share, i brought my son to see tcm and i mentioned to her abt his UTI. She prescribed some medicine which she told me will help in controlling his UTI a bit.
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    Hi alyjas, i dun think high fever indicates higher possibility of reflux, the fever indicates the degree of infection. if the fever remains high and persistant after treatment, then you have to be more careful
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    Urinary tract infection + MCU

    mummies, my pd recommend to give bb probiotics esp when they are on long term antibiotics so that it can replace some good bacteria wiped out by the antibotics. I am giving ds Solaray Babylife from pd, also available at GNC may i know from mummies whose child with reflux taking what...