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    Feeling worthless as a mum

    Agree. Whether it's helper or someone else caring for our child, it's the parents' right and responsibility to let people know what we want for our child and not let others dictate. While this may lead to some friction in the beginning, it is always better to communicate rather than keep silent...
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    Good gynae for high risk pregnancy

    We recommend our gynae Dr Dolly Wee from Mount Elizabeth. She also delivers at Mount Alvernia. She is very experienced and reassuring. Not sure what is your situation when you say high risk, but if you don't mind, there is no harm seeing a few doctors before deciding which gynae to go with...
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    Gaia products

    We use Gaia products and will recommend them. We are also trying out other organic brands and will be happy to hear recommendations.
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    LO kept crying

    Like many others have shared, burping and swaddling are important. But so is proper latching if you are doing full breastfeeding. Are you always soft after feed or still hard? How long is each feed and is it always one side or both? If you feel you have latching issues, you may want to see a...
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    In law and helper woes after birth

    With a helper around, it is difficult to manage how much interaction there is between the helper and the child unless you set some ground rules. To reduce the chances of our son growing dependent on our helper, we avoid letting her take care of him directly, if possible. Until today, we have...
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    Good Things Must Share (2016)!

    Hi all parents of 2016 babies, Not sure if there is such a thread already, but we are thinking to starting this thread for anyone who come across any freebies or good deals this year! For a start, NLB is opening up membership to babies born from Jan 2016 onwards, and will be giving away...
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    Good female gynae in Thomson/Mt Alvernia (Please help!!!)

    By package you mean prenatal? When we went with Dr Dolly Wee last year, we took a consultation package that cost around 1k. Not sure what are the latest rates now.
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    Good female gynae in Thomson/Mt Alvernia (Please help!!!)

    Recommend Dr Dolly Wee from Mount Elizabeth. Very experienced and patient, and has a sense of homour. She delivers at Mount Alvernia as well.
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    Any reviews on PEM Confinement Agency?

    We had a really good nanny called Jin Jie 金姐 from PEM agency. Like many others, we were worried about getting a CL from agency after reading some bad reviews. But it was the CNY period so we didn't want to risk having freelance CLs cancelling on us last minute. So anyway we got a CL through...
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    Did you make photo books for your family? Please advise!

    Tammy - We are also thinking of doing photo books for ourselves. Did you managed to find one?
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    Very bad review of gynae Irene Chua

    Hey, sorry to hear that, and hope your repair surgery went well. Did you consider asking Dr Dolly Wee to do the surgery?