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    WTB: Lego bricks

    Hi, Want to buy lego loose bricks or any preloved sets. Only looking for genuine/original Lego bricks. NOT duplo too. PM if you have any to let go. Thanks
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    Looking for a baby sitter at Jurong West (near Pioneer Mall)

    Hi, I have a local nanny that I engaged for 3 mths 3 yrs ago when my elder son was 1+yr, and got her to help me again for my confinement early this year for a month. (yeah, she versatile enough to be able to cook simple confinement food too if you are not fussy eater ;>) Able to take care...
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    A Part-time Nanny needed

    Need help to mind 3 yr old at my place in bt panjang area, 2 -3 mornings a week. Anyone? Or any recommendations?
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    Help - looking for Job that can do at home

    hi, am hoping to work more from home too. pls email me at or PM
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    Help - looking for Job that can do at home

    hi, am hoping to work more from home too. pls email me at or PM
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    Any recommendation of Night Diaper for toddler who drinks 2 x 8 ounce of milk

    Am a fan of Mamy poko too! We tried most popular brands of diapers when baby was born cos given as gifts, and we stuck to mamy poko till now, 3 yrs later. But he is toilet-trained now, and wet only on occasions. I tend to use bumwear pants at night so that he can get used to idea that he is...
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    Desperate to get back in shape. Will a slimming body suit help?

    Any safe options to slim down while breastfeeding? I have lost a few kg initially while breastfeeding, but now weight is stagnating despite breastfeeding....and sigh, the fats on the thigh and abd are proving to be quite resistant!
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    How to increase breast milk

    Hi Jojo, i had similar problem with #1, gave up bf after few weeks, and was taking domperidone then. Told my hubby it felt like squeezing water from rock ;> (ie the level of difficulty, of course breasts were softer, but was frustrated plus plus, which didn't help matters) Decided to try...
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    Blacklisting of bad BP/Sprees Organisers

    Dear bubuchan, thanks for posting the list! but notice similar names with good&bad tag....same person or different?? maybe the same person has some good days and some challenging days in organising BP/sprees. But informative cos some have consistently good reviews. Thanks to whoever who...
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011

    Hi, came to join the group, BUT i see that the thread is now more of WTS one ;> maybe Feb 2011 mummies are too busy with the babies??
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    Mummies staying at Bt Batok/Gombak/CCk/BP/Teck Whye

    Hihi, first time I'm visiting this thread, not aware of its existence and found it cos hoping to post about soccer class for kids (3 yrs old onwards) in Bukit Panjang area. Anyone interested? Good way to expend your kid's energy. My 3-yr old son is so active that I'm looking for a physical...