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    6 Years Old boy still not toilet train

    This is a psychological phobia . Pls seek help from doctor . Can get referral to kk from polyclinic
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    :) :) :) :) WTE Presch readers

    Pics and price to 97540587 please thanks
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    Wtb stroller for 3 year old boy

    Still looking
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    Wtb stroller for 3 year old boy

    Still looking for stroller below $100 for 3.5 years boy. Whasup or SMS pics n details to 97540587
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    Wtb stroller for 3 year old boy

    Jayden's mum, can u whasup or SMS pics condition price n pick up location of the Ferrari stroller to 97540587
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    Wtb stroller for 3 year old boy

    Whasup or SMS pics condition price n collection to97540587 . Budget is $100 n below
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    MSF (MCYS) office visit for child adoption

    They will ask u what facilities nearby beneficial to your child, who will look after child, check the safety and cleanliness of your house ask u which area baby will sleep shower food preparation area, who else is staying with u . Any family members stating with u will be interviewed without...
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    MSF (MCYS) office visit for child adoption

    Hi I adopted my boy almost three years ago and he's almost three years old now. There is an active thread 'child adoption ' on this forum . U will find support n info there anything can pm me
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    Centres for 18M wif delayed walking & speech

    My niece walked at eighteen months and only walked stable around twenty months. She's growing well and happy in childcare now at two years three mths. I'm a preschool supervisor and was a childcare teacher for fifteen years. I've seen many children start talking late around two and a half even...
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    Advice needed for first time adoption

    Hi there There is a very active child adoption thread . Do search under child adoption . U will find support and advice there ! Gd luck! I became a mother through adoption and my son is almost two years old now.
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Evelyn Wow! Did you find out abt the curriculum? Is it parent accompanied lessons ?
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Evelyn is that per term fees or monthly fees? No way I can afford that!
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    (2010/11) November 2010 MTB

    Hi baby wonder My boy is twenty months old and will be starting 2 hrs Playgroup at sengkang talent plus this Tuesday . Curriculum wise I didn't ask much cuz my main objective is for him to interact with others n learn to be on his own I teach him at home So far he can say abt 50 or more...
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    Raging toddler - daily meltdowns

    Ear infections? Experiencing any pain that she can't vocalise to u?
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    My baby son (15mths) still dun like to hold milk bottle himself to drink..How to train him in doing

    Hi My son is 17mths n also refuse to hold his own bottle! He can hold his own water bottle though . I have no advice for u but u may feel better that he's not the only one! I'm not bothered by it so I just hold for him haha