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    Wtb Geronimo Stilton books

    You keen in Thea Stilton?
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    Giving up Chinese comics/manga collection

    Various series available. Primarily girls' comics(from Taiwan). Self collect.
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    Small plastic balls(abt30+)

    Reserved for vic
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    Small plastic balls(abt30+)

    Hillview, near Bukit batok
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    Small plastic balls(abt30+)

    Small, colourful plastic balls to be given away. Self collect.
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    Toddler diarrhea

    Watch diet, no milk. I gave my boy LF too. Also, he had stomach ache before he pooed. So paed also prescibed Debridat. Give plenty of water to replenish. I use Hydrate also to replace the sugar/salt lost.
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    child care centre increases fee again

    Guess cant be helped since we are at their mercy:(
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    child care centre increases fee again

    Happening to my twins' child care centre too. Increased by more than $100 to $1100. sianz
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    WTG: Lightly used P6 assessment bks

    Hi nayli03. emailed you. :)
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    WTG: Lightly used P6 assessment bks

    Letting go of P6 assessment bks(Maths/science/chinese), most of them are only 10% used. Self collection at Bt Batok if keen. Total of 15 of them in a bag.
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    Any good swimming instructor to recommend?

    I am looking for swimming coach for 3 boys, age 4 yrs and 12 yrs old. Lessons preferably on Sat or Sun morning. Condo in Hillview area.
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    I have put my twin boys in Zoophonics for their sat enrichment class. Only Teacher Zane is considered good at that place. Other than her, I am not sure as there is some turnover issues there. I withdrew them after 6 mths there.
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    Ectopic Pregnancy

    I have 2 ectopic pregnancies, one after another. (Luckily i hv a boy then so i decided to stop trying.) Then the left fallopian tube was removed to do test(gynae suspected tube spoilt, as both in left). I had 2 earlier miscarriages too. so it was really a down down period for me. Years later, i...
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    WTA: where to sell my chinese comics?

    Hi Pm you already