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    WTB Swimwear for 6yrs old boy

    Budget $10 by post. Preferred mint condition. Please email for fast deal. Thanks in advance.
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    Swimming classes

    Hi, any Quantz condo (SengKeng) mummy here? looking for swimming class group
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    My son 4 years old Is afraid of many things

    Hi Srumpee, May I know when & how do you realised your son has sensory issue? My Dec'08 son is slow in speech but behave affectionated to people he likes. eg, maid, teachers. He behave timid & shy towards new thing & people. Is this because we did not expose him outdoor adventure...
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    Looking for Quantz Condo mummy

    To all Kind Mummy, Any children having swimming lesson at above condo? Please contact me as I'm thinking to register my 5 years old son for beginner class. Reason being - I'm staying opposite pls whats app or SMS 96209990. your kind assistance is much appeciated.
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    Looking for mummy stay in Qaurtz condo

    Any kind mummy stays in Qaurtz could contact me regards swimming lesson? not sure if my 4yrs old son can register under your unit for sat swimming lesson as I stay opposite your condo.
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    Maid for Transfer

    Hi, I'm looking for maid urgently from now - 31 Aug. Pls sms 96209990 for interview Simple job scope - housework, cooking & looking after 4yrs old boy whom attend full day childcare salary -$350-450 as giving one off day weekly. must be able to speak good English
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    To buy or use telcon home camera surveillance?

    any advice if anybody uses telcon service for maid surveillance? as she will be taking care of my toddler alone at home.
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    Any Recommendation for Playgroup at Bishan /Upper Thomson area

    Hi, pls PM me if u need Totsville uniform, size S x2set at $5.
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    Maid for Transfer

    Hi, I need a transfer maid by 27May for elderly n no off day. Must be obedient and gentle. I also need another immediate maid for my boy 3yrs old. Able to cook, speak & read English & send he to full day childcare independently. Pls PM me if you have suitable maid for...
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    Any Recommendation for Playgroup at Bishan /Upper Thomson area

    Hi Zanneho, you cannot accept PM. Pls PM me. Looking for weekend class to keep my DS occupany as he cannot sit still at home except watching TV which is bad. Tks
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    Maid for Transfer

    Hi, I'm looking for transfer maid. must be good & reliable english speaking maid for 2yrs boy. Need to cook, do houseworks & read simple story books. Pls PM or email Thx
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    Any Recommendation for Playgroup at Bishan /Upper Thomson area

    HI, I agreed that Totsville is good with responsible & caring teachers. my DS was was there for 8mths; quit because transferred to full day childcare. I'm looking for weekend playgroup or enrichment class for 26mths. Pls PM me if you have any recommendation. area- Bishan, Sin Ming or...
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    ! Anyone feel uneasy being intimate with hubby?

    Yes, everyone of us here knows communication is the key factor. But it's not easy to say words from our heart...cos before u say it out, he already can't wait, face start showing color with body actions etc. All these factors discourage wife to talk most of the time as it will end up with...
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    ! Anyone feel uneasy being intimate with hubby?

    Can someone advise why man must do it every week? As wife , we work equally hard & really need rest. The more he " do it" , the more I hate him touching me! We have been married for 16yrs. I banned him for having sex during weekdays and now it's getting longer, sometime not touching each...
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    Any good art class or violin class for 4 yrs old?

    any volin or piano school for 2-3yrs at Bishan or AMK?