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    Dec 2018 Mummies

    Hi, tested positive last Thursday, very excited and happy, would be my number 4, edd 1 December. Wishing all a smooth and happy pregnancy.
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    Dec 2018 Mummies

    Thanks Summerstaz, have PM you my mobile.
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    A transfer maid needed soon

    Hi cookiemon36, I have just sent you a PM.
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    Looking for transfer maid.

    Hi Maggie, I have sent you a PM.
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    Anyone have good transfer maid to let go end of july or any good agency to intro?

    Hi Maggie, I just PM you regarding your maid.
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    I have an Indonesian Maid for transfer

    hi, I have sent you a PM.
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    (2017/01/14) BP#4 Lose Weight, Fats N Water Retention, Shake to a Healthier Lifestyle

    Hi, please provide details of the item. Thank you.
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    WTB: Everflo exersaucer / FP step n play piano / bright start around-we-go station

    Hi, for your consideration please. Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun - Jungle Letting go at $120 with original box Self collection at Bukit Panjang To deal, please PM me.
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    Any good maid agencies to recommend?

    Hi mummies, my last maid was from Sin Yuan (bukit timah). Peh Ling the lady was responsible and patient when I called her regarding issues with my last maid. She tired to talk sense with the maid and did not avoid taking my calls. But too bad, my maid was cunning and too daring to be kept at...
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    Medela Freestyle

    Hi, please advise total to transfer including reg mail - Freestyle spare parts $33, including the 2 breastshield bodies, 2 membranes and 2 backcap. - Freestyle tubing $32 - Breastshield medium size 24mm $20 - Do you have the hands free kit with bra adaptors?
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    (2013/11) November 2013

    Cz, for my last two pregnancy I became so bloated by the third months, expand very fast lol Op mum, me too I am into my 7weeks and kept having bad loose stools. Can't wait too see gynea this sat and to know all is fine.
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    (2013/11) November 2013

    Hi bunny mummy, my two girls are 4 and 3 years. My edd could be around 11 November, based on the website calculation. Will be visiting gynea this Saturday. 19mths is a exploring stage, your gal must be having fun cruising around when is your edd? I am still wearing heels and felt that my feet...
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    (2013/11) November 2013

    Good afternoon mummies, tested positive over the weekend!!! very excited and happy, this shall be our 3rd baby. wishing all mummies a healthy and safe pregnancy and look forward to receive our joy in November.
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    Any maid to transfer

    Hi Fion, thank you for the update.
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    Any maid to transfer

    Hi Fion, have send you a PM. I am looking for one urgently, hope this may work out