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    Thermos Spree(Amazon)Funtainer bottle/ Food Jar Batch 39

    Hi, normally how much is the shipping for the foogo food jar? Thanks. Can email
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    WTB: Avent Size 1 & 2 teat

    3 pieces of size 2 teats (2 holes). $5 mailed Email
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    Feedback for Petpet Diaper

    i felt diaper rash depends a lot on the babies' skin condition. i was using huggies ultra NB for my #1 2 yrs back...still he got diaper rash. we used water to clean for him every time he just buy more economical ones to use and dont feel heartpain to change more often. and pet...
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    (2011/08) Aug 2011

    hi carole, can you add me to the list and the fb page? name on fb: andrea edd: 12/8 #2 girl thanks =)
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    Would like to donate breastmilk

    frozen BM to donate here. stored in First years milk bags. amount varies from 100-150ml. dated from end oct 09. PM me or email
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    A long period of bad morning sickness

    i agree. sometimes when i feel very comfortable i will start to worry. but i really dislike the MS symptoms!