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    Confinement Nanny Agency - Review

    Hi Babylins, Violet. Firstly thank you for your compliment that I'm qualified as a confinement agency. Probably I should quit my job and start one. So now I am WJ, JO or PEM agency as both of you mentioned, probably add more names, GPLS, AMY? It sounds good, why not? Curious, can I...
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    Sex Advise

    I usually touch and oral for my hubby and he enjoys it. I lick it like it is so delicious and that arouse his desire to have sex.
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    Any recommendations for Tingkkat Delivery/Home Meal Delivery Services???? <IMG SRC="http://www.singa

    Neo Garden is good. They separate each dish to two portion.
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    Confinement Nanny Agency - Review

    hi caca, the below thread, the hubby is so angry, the wife got cheated by ikare. take a look.
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    Confinement Nanny Agency - Review

    hi jojo, thanks. i saw another 2 threads been talking about ikare. so frightening.
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    Any mummies quit after Maternity Leave?

    i wish that i will always have that kind of time with my baby too but we can't afford. why olden days, hubby one person can make all the money, wife at home caring 6, 8 kids also no problem? society really change.
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    Confinement Nanny Agency - Review

    hi jojo, hi caca, may i ask who is this ikare?
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    ! Am I a bad mummy? I think I am...

    my baby sometimes also cries non-stop. need lots of love and patience as a mum to care.