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    Jan 2019 Mummies

    Hi, I gave birth to my boy on the 10 Jan, I wanted to wean his mittens, may I ask when do your remove mittens he tend to scratch his face whenever he is fussy.. I have cut the fingernail. But still sharp
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    Baby on NAN HA formula

    Hi mummies, my boy switch to nan ha and the poo is so greenish and watery, is it normal.. He has finish one tin already but the poo is still so runny .seems to poo with every fart he had..
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    My journey through my boy’s eczema

    Hi, justz4u, My gal has severe eczema for 3 years and has been been on steriod all long... Have read up bio resonance and started her for 6 weeks already meaning up to now 6 session , it was v depressing seeing her flare up badly each time she went for the session.... Therapist mention its a...