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    Rates for confinement lady

    Hi, Any recommendation for a good confinement lady ? and what is the rate now ?
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    Starting IVF cycle in Sept/Oct 2016 @ KKH

    started with my 1st IVF in Sep , now currently 16 weeks pregnant. Good luck to all !
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    June 2017 mummies

    Me too.. And I think I sleep wrong position and my back so pain
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    Turning 40 and going for IVF

    Yes.. Fully book till next year Feb 16. I am Turing 40 next year, and I just did my 1st ivf and positive ! So good luck to you also
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    IVF @ KKH in Sep

    I just did the transfer at day 4 on last sat . now patiently waiting .. Hopefully got good news . anyone did transfer at day 4 ?
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    IVF at KKH or TMC

    Ya.. No wonder I can't choose doctor. But successful rate should be ok right ?
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    IVF @ KKH in Sep

    Good luck to u also !
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    Review about Dr Tan Jui Seng from IVF Bridge Fertily in JB

    The cost of treatment is much lower than in sg ?
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    IVF at KKH or TMC

    Was wondering how come I don't have the option to choose doctor in kkh ?
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    TCM for fertility issue

    I just started seeing him also, he advise me to continue eating his medicine while I am doing the ivf injection. Anyone also doing that ?
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    Turning 40 and going for IVF

    Can we choose doctor ?
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    IVF @ KKH in Sep

    me just started my 1st day of injection
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    TCM for fertility issue

    did anyone eat Chinese medicine while in process of doing ivf ?
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    IVF at KKH

    where do u all normally inject around your tummy ? Above or below belly button ?