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    Any reviews on Dr Woo Bit Hwa?

    Just found this thread and want to put in a word. I think you should go to Dr. Woo if you are more laid back type. I'm quite comfortable with him because he doesn't scare me unnecessarily (unlike Judy Wong from TMC specialist doctor) and is quite "cost saving". His prices are reasonable...
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    Reviews on Dr Vanaja from NUH

    Technically she didn't discourage but she didn't even mention water birth at all even when I gave her a brief outline of why I was going to her and that I wanted water birth. I gave only the main points and did not tell her long long story since I usually don't waste too much of a doctor's time...
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    Reviews on Dr Vanaja from NUH

    I saw Dr. Vanaja at pretty much last minute last Saturday. I was unsure of what I wanted on whether c sect, natural birth or water birth. My current gynae Dr. Woo told me that my baby is too big because I have been taking too much sugar. I freaked out and started looking for options to ease a...