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    2016/02 Feb Babies

    Hi, can someone add me to the group of 2016 feb edd pls? My elder is already 3 years old but wish to know and get advise more from the mummies here. Thank u in advance!
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    Oct 2018

    Hi, I have filled up the form!! Can add me pls in WhatsApp group? I’m due on oct 2018. :) Under Pammy name. :) Regards.
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    Amazon #27 - raf plc/sembawang

    Hi, I think I have excess amount for vpost shipping of the bag. Think is $27 plus. Can refund me the excess for this free international shipping? Thanks.
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    Maternity pad with wings

    Hi, U may purchase maternity pads with wings at mothercare store. I bought 2 packets from there. Regards.
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    Amazon #27 - raf plc/sembawang

    Hi, I have transferred to your account. Kindly order from spring valley seller. 18.20 x 2 x 1.42 = $51.68 Transaction reference is 16127566839. My I-bank Nick is Pammy. Do help to order through vpost Amazon spree. Thanks!
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    Amazon #27 - raf plc/sembawang

    Hi, I wish to purchase 2 of these items through vpost: Seller either by spring valley or wellnessmartness. How much is estimated...
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    2016/02 Feb Babies

    Hi, Please ad me too. My email is My EDD is 23 feb 2016 Thanks!