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  1. Sincere couple
    Sincere couple asinglelove
    Sorry type too fast deslee088@gmail.com
  2. Sincere couple
    Sincere couple asinglelove
    Hi, understand that many have given you advise.

    Just wanna let you know that if you decide on adoption, my husband & I will be keen. Pls email at deslee008@gmail.com

    We can discuss details.
  3. NishaNayla
    6 years still trying for a baby =(
  4. amy06
    amy06 loveholic
    Hello babe can u add me in the nov mummies grp chat 97286052 thank you
  5. MamaManks Maternity
    MamaManks Maternity
    Intimate Maternity Collections
  6. Unicorn88
    Unicorn88 tengxyz
    Hello! Can i join the whats app group? my number is 96252629. My baby girl is currently 3 weeks old. Thank you!
  7. neha2631
    Please add me to Dec 2019 mummy group
  8. emilyrosensi
    Hello, this Emily Rosen. Love to read and write new things. Singapore is my favourite place and i love this place.
  9. mommi.lin
    mommi.lin Superman111
    Hi there! Please add me to Jan 2020 mummy chat grp - 82680166 (Lin). Thank you!
  10. ksnowy
    ksnowy Veronica**
    Hi Veronica, can add me to WA group? Thanks
  11. Navleen
    Jan 2020 Mom
  12. Rabbit Nur
    Rabbit Nur
    I am looking to adopt a baby. If you know that are babies who out for adopted, please contact me
  13. chrislinenglish
    English Tuition - Hwachong Grad
  14. Dickson@Orchard
    Looking for local part time helper. Orchard area.cooking, cleaning, laundry. 10am-7pm Contact me at 85225225 if interested
  15. Elsieq
    Elsieq Superman111
    hi, can you add me in the what's app group - 91763066 (Elsie). Thank you
  16. BBwan
    BBwan Veronica**
    Hi can add me to WA group as well thanks
  17. bakbak
    bakbak missyjay
    Hello, can you recommend your nanny to me? My EDD is at 21 Jan 2020
  18. ammly3
    ammly3 Superman111
    Hi there! Would love to join the Jan 2020 mums group chat please, my number is - 91700452 (Amelia). Thank you!
  19. sheinked
    sheinked Tippi JJ

    Mind sharing the cost for Dr Benjamin Tham? Just wondering if you know if natural birth, does he actually perform episiotomy?
  20. Mary Jones
    Mary Jones
    Hello, this is Mary Joined the Singapore forum because i love this city and few days later i will live in this city.
  21. Andrea Lin Violin Studio
    Andrea Lin Violin Studio
  22. kitty27
    kitty27 Pigpig83
    Hi @Pigpig83 Can I also join in the WA gpchat?
  23. bakbak
    bakbak Superman111
    Hello, could you add me to te group chat / Cyndi - 98418977. Thank you.
  24. paperclouds_
    paperclouds_ Jenyyy
    Hello! My EDD is 22 Nov. Would love to join the WA group too. My mobile is 97700578. Thanks Jenyyy!
  25. Meredith Lee
    Meredith Lee Superman111
    Hi! Pls add me to the WA group - 84049951 Thanks!
  26. Meredith Lee
    Meredith Lee Joycelyn12
    Hi Jocelyn! Please add me into the WA group - 84049951
    1. Joycelyn12
      Sorry to miss your msg. Have you joined a mummy group yet?
      Jul 30, 2019
  27. grecobe
    Grecobe Offering the Best green coffee in Singapore If you want to weight loss so you can try to Grecobe Green coffee
  28. Gardner
    Best New Development in Serangoon Singapore.
  29. Choco1234
    Choco1234 Pigpig83
    Hi @Pigpig83 Can I also join in the gpchat for IUI? :) Im gg for my 2nd IUI soon...
  30. Deb C.
    Deb C. loveholic
    Hi there! I tried sending you a PM/Conversation but was unable to send my details to you. Can I bother you to drop me a DM and I'll furnish you with the details, thank you!
  31. Chua Kia Min
    Chua Kia Min Superman111
    Hi, pls add me to the jan2020 mummies grp chat! Jia min - 90884628. Thanks!
  32. Ms_Pluto
    Ms_Pluto Superman111
    Hi! Please add me to Jan2020 mummies groupchat as well. Cheryl here. 96546six18. Thank you!
  33. JNSH
    JNSH Pigpig83
    Hi @Pigpig83 I couldn’t find the link. Sorry! I give you my number? 92296104 :)
    1. Pigpig83
      Jul 14, 2019
  34. JNSH
    JNSH Pigpig83
    Hello @Pigpig83! I am doing IUI too. Chanced upon the message that you are opening a grpchat for IUI. Can add me in too? :)
    1. Pigpig83
      hihi...u try adding using the link...if cant i will add u through number
      Jul 14, 2019
  35. yvVoNnehe
    yvVoNnehe Superman111
    Hi, please add me to the Jan2020 Mum groupchat. Yingying - 90039603. Thank you!
  36. Chelsea Clinic
    Chelsea Clinic
    The Chelsea Clinic is one of Singapore’s largest group of Aesthetic Clinics
  37. august22
    august22 Sam's mommy
    Hi Sam’s mommy, my boy is 5yrs + too same as urs... few school has rejected him.... can you share with me your journey? My hp 81612205 , we can what’s app.
  38. alice_tigger
    Hi I am 6.5wks pregnant seeking employment. Has anyone had success when in a similar situation?
  39. Suresh Iyer
    Suresh Iyer Momoftwokids
    Hello, I am writing to you with regard to your posting on Myanmar maid, Thang Khaw Lam where in you had stated she was full of lies, stealing, swearing etc. We had the same maid for 4 persons and faced exactly similar issues. Is there a way to reach to you to speak about this?
  40. thenewwouldbemommy
    thenewwouldbemommy Superman111
    Hi, I would like to join the whatsapp group. My number is 96773221. Thanks
  41. Splurged
    Splurged Leather Bag Restoration Work Junction 8 Mall, 9 Bishan Pl #02-12, Singapore 579837 Phone: +6563529112 http://www.splurged.co/
  42. Jermaine2020
    Jermaine2020 Superman111
    Hi. Im having a baby for the 1st time with EDD in Jan 2020. Please add me into the whatsapp chat - 91859880. Thx
  43. Engel
    Engel damahome
    hi, can add me into whats app group?
    Engel 98895563
    EDD Dec 2019
  44. lilmin1123
    lilmin1123 RnRnr
    Hi !! I’m currently in the same situation.. Malaysian married an Indonesian Husband. Both of us are singapore PR.

    So what did you do eventually? Did you manage to get the Malaysian passport ? And Singapore PR??

    Appreciate if you can give me advice.. I’m expecting in October 2019 and am worried about all the procedures !

  45. Kittybi
    Kittybi Superman111
    Hi. I would like to join the group chat. Can add me at 81123538. Thanks!
  46. BlessAngel
    BlessAngel Veronica**
    Hi, can add me to the TTC whatsapp group?
  47. miuratohkp
    miuratohkp Tao
    Hi may i have the confinement lady's contact? Thank you
  48. Riyan0905
    Riyan0905 Superman111
    Hi I would like to join the grpchat. Yanie here 90231599
  49. Julie19
    Julie19 damahome
    Hi! :)
    I would like to join your Dec Whatsapp group.
    My EDD is on the 17 Dec.
    91783667 Julie
    Thank you!
  50. Jelly*
    Jelly* damahome
    Hi there, I wish to be added into a WhatsApp group too. If there isn't I don't mind creating one.

    My edd is on 17 dec 2019
    1. Jelly*
      PM me @ 91820080 if you guys are not in a gc yet. If I have more than 5 PMs, i will create one
      Jun 20, 2019