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  1. jacksleeve
  2. littlebabyloft
    How is the claiming process when i give birth or if i get into any complications?
  3. selenety
    selenety Skyeth
    hi! can you add me to the ASD WhatsApp chat? i am a mom to a happy lovely 4 year old boy on the spectrum... my number is 90300212.. i really need some help with school and sharing topics...
  4. If_Only
    Hoping for a day a lil one will call me Mummy...
  5. ronnykraes
  6. edwardkgarcia
  7. danester76
    anyone have hourly maid contact? i dont want agency hourly
  8. aliciang77
    aliciang77 Babyandme
    Hi Babyandme mummy, pls add to Jul 2019. My num 93227768. Muacks
  9. msbenq
    Mummy of 4 kids. 3 girls age 13,12 and 8. One boy age 10.
  10. delphertell
  11. terryzonar
  12. lswortieh
  13. sweetie agnes
    sweetie agnes
    Any mummy's looking for CCK nanny msg me at 92247377thks..
  14. Mary Jane Manrique
    Mary Jane Manrique
    Blessed daughter of God!
  15. Vic Vic Vic
    Vic Vic Vic ignix
    Hi ignix, could you kindly add me into the April 2019 Mummy WhatsApp group? vicky here, my number is 83982128, thanks!
  16. Eggscatcher
    Eggscatcher Pandorra
    Hi 84488962
  17. Stansy
    Stansy Eppy
    U may contact Jason @8483 7519
    1. Eppy
      Jan 8, 2019
  18. ordyfater
  19. Yue83
    Does anyone know Bai Feng Wan ? How to use it? Should I Drink it daily or only on period? Should I drink only that small 15cap or 50cap
  20. Yue83
    Hello all mommy!!
  21. mumrkrt
  22. Gladys Chia
    Gladys Chia
    Let 2019 be the yr of "design", by God's grace, not by sheer happen-stance!
  23. gladys_chia
    Let 2019 be the year of "design" (by God's grace), not a year of sheer happen-stance!
  24. evyjade
    evyjade elaineelyw
    can you add me to the August mummies WhatsApp group? 91729442
  25. Yin’s
    Anyone looking for long term part time job
  26. Yuen Sin
    Yuen Sin Flyingpiggy26
  27. Yuen Sin
    Yuen Sin Narrisa
  28. Yuen Sin
    Yuen Sin cksg
  29. linn sue
    linn sue
    i got divorced with my husband and i don't know i'm pregnant,my second baby.i can't handle two baby.Please help me to find safe hospital.
  30. momochan
    momochan Happy Piggie
    Hello there, could you please add to me to the june 2019 mummies group?
    Audrey - 83835427
    Thank you :)
  31. 2bunnies
    2bunnies Babyandme
    Hi, can u add me to Jul2019 97306592. Many thanks
  32. Alinalin
  33. Alinalin
    Hello everyone, I'm a Yoga coach
  34. ALEXfergoos
    Travel and Tourism
  35. Cardioclearre
    Cardio clear 7 reviews
  36. Gladys Chia
    Gladys Chia
    Hi fellow parents, here's to a better tomorrows! Cheers! Merry Christmas!
  37. mimosa77
    mimosa77 Celebrian
    Hi! I am due in April 2019 too, mind to add me in the group chat please? I am not sure how to PM though... my number is 96745234
  38. bottlecookie
    Bottlecookie CNY Cookies are back, thank you for everyone's patience!
  39. JL Recruitment
    JL Recruitment
    JL Recruitment is a maid agency that provides quality and affordable domestic help with our well-trained maids.
  40. JL Recruitment
    JL Recruitment
    Singapore Maid Agency
  41. Mason Reynolds
    Mason Reynolds
    My name is Mason Reynolds, I am here to discuss about export cars, buy, sell new or old cars and buy cars in scrap in Singapore.
  42. mimosa77
    mimosa77 ignix
    Hi ignix, could you kindly add me into the April 2019 Mummy WhatsApp group? Luqi here, my number is 96745234, thanks!
  43. pinkdolphin7
    pinkdolphin7 chachacharine
    Hi, may I know what is your confinement nanny's name? Thank you!
  44. tkhan_1234
    Happily married and mother of 1 daughter.
  45. Sweetots
    ♡ SWEETOTS CNY Handmade Cookies 2019 10th BP is back again with our quality yummy Pineapple Tarts and other hot favourites ♡
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  46. ZXOXOZ
    ZXOXOZ vonni
    Hi Vonni, can I still join the whatsapp group? My edd is on 26th Feb. Mobile is 91182996.
  47. Sabby25
    Sabby25 Babyandme
    Hello can u add me to the Jul 2019 WA group?
    96360300 thanks!
  48. Abigail0910
    Looking for Jamu Massage trainers
  49. RetroNe
    RetroNe Faith79
    hi can can join whatsaap group? is there a link I can join in thru?
  50. RetroNe