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  1. kokolatte
    kokolatte nanazira love
    hello, are you a part time cleaner? can you do tampines area and how much do you charge?
  2. kokolatte
    kokolatte Hahang
    hello, are you a part time cleaner? can you do tampines area and how much do you charge?
  3. jtky81
    jtky81 ginjean
    Hihi.. can add me in the april mummy fb? My email is jtky811@yahoo.com.sg
  4. rong50
    yes, I've formed the group. I've pm you yesterday. u can reply from there.
  5. @starry
    @starry rong50
    Hello, I'm edd may 2018 as well. Are you forming a wa group?
  6. ml_lee
    ml_lee chubbybaby99
  7. John Britto
  8. afyn
    One day at a time
  9. Elizabeth Seo
    Elizabeth Seo Monalee
    Hi Monalee,

    Would you mind add me in. 85710582
  10. Elizabeth Seo
    Elizabeth Seo minikiwi
    can i join in the whatsapp grp.

    My number is 85710582. Elizabeth
  11. Daniel Ang
    Daniel Ang
    Hi I am from Metropolitan YMCA Singapore
  12. Adertek Lifestyle
    Adertek Lifestyle
    Up to 80% OFF Play Yards, Toy Organizers and more on 23-24 Sept at IFAM Showroom Opening Sales! email ask.ade@adertek.com for more details.
  13. birdierina
    Hi mummies, I'm new here and happy to join this big forum.
  14. Adertek Lifestyle
    Adertek Lifestyle
    IFAM Baby Product's Exclusive Distributor & Only authorized seller in SG & MY. Made-in-korea Baby Play Yard, Toy Organizers & more. PM us!
  15. Kittyneo
    Kittyneo moomoola
    Hi, I can't seem to pm you. Can you email to me at roxechickk@gmail.com ? Thanks.
  16. theherbalsoup
    Pre-packed Confinement Herbal SOup
  17. Lecia
    waiting for my baby Dust :)
  18. starrain9874
    starrain9874 Elizabeth Seo
    Hello, I think it will be better if I reply you here.. For acupuncture, I go to Dr Zou Yumin at AMK. You may google about her address.
  19. misslorababy
    Hi mummies, i'm ttcing now, hubby and I really want a baby....if you know some ways that help get pregnant, please let me know. TIA!
  20. wishuponarainbow
    How to go about doing it
  21. eshterbaby
    Happy to loin this big mummy forum!
  22. wanbaby234
  23. Ally1125
    Dear mummies.... is thee
  24. Sharmin661
    be +ve no matter how hard it gets.
  25. Ivy Xiaowei
    Ivy Xiaowei
  26. Happy001
    Happy001 Celestialbaby
    Hi celestialbaby,
    Hope you can help me with my doubt.I believe you got go pray 注生娘娘 before your ivf.I understood we need to go back and thank 注生娘娘 when we succeed in pregnant,N since we go thru ivf,we will knew whenever we bfp after the blood test.So the 'thank-you' return is immediate once we noe we bfp,or after the first tris when the baby is stable, then we go to return the 'thank-you'.
  27. wanbaby234
  28. Vllanax grey
    Vllanax grey
    Hey, am looking for a babysitter at segar rd for my 24 month old toddler. Weekdays care and evening pick ups. Malay family preferred.
  29. kittymay
    kittymay huathuat
    I am keen. Pls pm or whatsapp me t 96679325.
  30. kittymay
    kittymay huathuat
    May i have it please.

    Can transfer 60 cents as mentioned.

    Pls whatsapp me yr bank account.

  31. sarahh
    sarahh AhKueh
    Hi! Saw your post regarding the confinement lady Mdm Tan (her Daughter denise 98801042). Understand that you engaged her. Can I find out if she is any good pls? Her Daughter is charging $3.2k for 28 days which is slightly pricier than other CL. If she is good, I dun mind paying more, but was a little wary after I chanced upon your post. Thanks!!
  32. Tingting91
    Anyone got kids pool to bless .
  33. Buttercap
    Buttercap kk82
    Hi, are you still selling your Blackmores Conceive Well? Let me know. Thanks.
  34. yanqiu
    yanqiu cherieneo
    Hi Cherie,

    I am looking for people who are open to opportunities and business orientated and will like to start a online business. let me know if you are interested to know more about it and i can share more with you.
  35. yanqiu
    yanqiu Xiaobabybaby
    I am those a bit kiasu type... didnt really think it works but just thought that will give it a try...
    Instead of trying on on my child directly, i tried it on my husband first cos he also have eczema... I saw that there was a improvement therefore i tried it on my child.
  36. yanqiu
    yanqiu Xiaobabybaby
    just to share with you a bit more before i tried on this.... may i know whether you or your husband have eczema problem? cos usually when parents have it, there is a high chance of children getting it as well.
  37. yanqiu
    yanqiu Xiaobabybaby
    Hi, it's a natural treatment serum by Hollywood doctor, Dr Nathan Newman. i can send you some pictures of before and after if you will want to see. My number is 90297099
  38. Tian Wei Signature
    Tian Wei Signature
    Tian Wei Signature's mission is to create exciting and creative confinement meals for all mothers!
  39. Kc2008
    Hi, I've 2 bottles of DOM 1 lt, kept for at least several years. Letting go at each bottle $42.
  40. Edna Soriano
    Edna Soriano
    Hi I'm keen on buying NTUC bonus points! Would like to buy as many as possible. Please PM me. :)
  41. Happy001
    Happy001 wanbaby234
    Hi wanbaby234,
    I am one of the NUH patient under Prof Wong. I just did my 1st ivf cycle with him. The result come back positive but I lost my baby at week 8 due to no heartbeat. I wanted to tell you that Prof Wong is a very experience doc, have faith with him and good luck for your ivf cycle.
    1. wanbaby234 likes this.
  42. Happy001
    Happy001 cen
    Hi cen,

    I saw from your blogs that you send the baby tissue for lab testing? How much does it cost ? N how long will it takes? Is the return result comprehensive n worth ?
    1. cen
      Oh I didn't as it's too expensive. that's PGD or PGS (I always mix these 2 up)
      I thk it's $8000 upwards? But I read that u can test a few embryos at a time if u have.

      I only did more blood tests at around $2000.
      Aug 27, 2017
  43. Happy001
    Happy001 MichNg
    I saw from your blogs that you tested the fetus before. You mean send the tissues to lab testing?
  44. Ningyoo
    First Time Mummy♡
  45. Ahdul
  46. yanqiu
    yanqiu Xiaobabybaby
    Hi Xiaobaby baby,

    I faced the same issue with you as i was very reluctant to use steroid cream as it makes my child skin thinner. I have a friend whose kids have eczema, applying steroid cream for quite some time, it bleeds when whenever she accidentally scratch her. I tried a serum for my child and i also recommended her and it improved a lot. Not sure whether it works for you. Let me know if you want to try out.
    1. Xiaobabybaby
      Yes do u mind telling me the brand? I'm currently using moogoo.
      Aug 28, 2017
  47. kittymay
    kittymay Ahdul
    Pls transfer $1.50 to 037-45102-9 then provide mailing address.

    1. Ahdul
      Hi is this POSB account?
      Aug 23, 2017
  48. kittymay
    kittymay Ahdul
    I have 5...keen. $1.50 incluing normal mail
    1. Ahdul
      Hi kittymay, Yes. Please let me know your details. Thanks!
      Aug 23, 2017
  49. kittymay
    kittymay kittyspore
    Where to collect?

    Pls wa me at 96679325 to arrange.

  50. Ahdul
    WTB NTUC Fairprice Bonus Point for Jamie Oliver Knives Collection (27 Jul-15 Nov 2017). Please PM me. Thanks!