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  1. Cynthia Goh
    Cynthia Goh
    I'm looking for a nanny who stay in yew tee to take care of my new born and 7 years old sons. Any recommendation?
  2. Sally Chua
    Sally Chua
    My baby love Ariana grandes voice
  3. Sally Chua
    Sally Chua
    I am on top of the world
  4. Mo_Ferozz
    Hi any kind soul can donate me groceries and hrl
  5. annfresh
    annfresh tinktink98
    Is plant pot is available for free?
  6. kellie.bb
    I'm a supplier for babies and mothercare products. PM me for more products details. All products are suitable for sensitive n eczema skin.
  7. jiyajii
    We have professional painters in Dubai for your Home painting services, Office painting services, Villa Painting services in Dubai.
  8. Miss Jane
    Miss Jane Eez
    You can contact mandax179@protonmail.com
    he is a good hacker and he provided me access to my ex phone without him know he was hacked. you can mail him.
  9. kittybin
    kittybin zoe77yong
    I have Pri 1 to 3 math for your consideration.
    Rgds, KittyBIn
  10. Momaa
  11. strangeme85
    Persist until you become someone else's inspiration.
  12. SamanthaR
    Motherhood for sure is special. It changes you completely, emotionally, psychologically and physically.
  13. Janette Chong
  14. Sia White
  15. Anna Wong
    Anna Wong
    Looking for a confinement Nanny ? Contact me
  16. Yvonne wo
    Yvonne wo
    Looking to lose weight & shape up? Contact me. Breastfeeding safe :)
  17. Jack Yeo
    Jack Yeo
  18. alva
    alva adminxf
    If I have a problem with overseas purchase, I made my final payment and paid the courier service since 5 June 2017, but I have not received any update from him/her after sending emails to remind him/her. Should I made a police report or wait? Today is 12 Jun 2017. I noticed he/she closed both her GAP and Carter threads.
  19. Aussie Penelope
    Aussie Penelope
    Want to buy milk Powder from Australia at lower price. If interested, pls contact me at HP: 8822 5261 (penelope)
  20. Dentstss
  21. Jolene Tan
    Jolene Tan pandazy
    Hi I'm new here. I would like to sell of my previous milk formula enfamil stage 2 1.8kg and Pediasure 850g. How can I go about it
  22. Jolene Tan
    Jolene Tan
    Anyone interested in Enfamil stage 2 1.8kg and Pediasure 850g both Singapore source. Kindly reply to the post.
  23. FarahEdora
    FarahEdora memories_75
    Hi do you still need a helper to clean your house? If yes is 11am on weekend okay for you?
  24. FarahEdora
    FarahEdora sharkles
    Hi there do you still need a helper to clean your house?
  25. Aishah1989
    A glass half full
  26. qqduckie
    qqduckie ACB
    Hi.. Can add me in the TTC group too?

    My number 98217737. Thx!
  27. JLin777
    JLin777 Nux Zer
    Hi, is your PT helper still available? Is she singaporean/PR? Looking for one at lavender
  28. Jill Stuart
    Jill Stuart
    Other than that I do take folic acid 5mg bought from KKH. I'm not in the IVF what's app group.
  29. Jill Stuart
    Jill Stuart
    Hi, don't worry k? I also have 2 blasto left though I retrieved 20+ eggs. I bought my raspberry tea leaves from iherb too.
  30. hesed
    hesed tan hong huah
    Hi, do you babysit at baby's home?
    1. tan hong huah
      tan hong huah
      I only provide babysitting at my house:)
      Jun 14, 2017
  31. Fel C
    Fel C Jill Stuart
    Hi Jill, we are doing FET cycle this mth :) i am on nature FET. What about u? i worry my lining and ovulation doesnt occur
    1. Jill Stuart
      Jill Stuart
      Yes yes! We are cycle buddy. Mine is natural too. I am also worry about my lining. But my last lining before I did ER was 11+mm. Don't worry k, I heard raspberry tea leaves and red bean soup helps to increase the lining. How many golden embryo do u have?
      Jun 7, 2017
    2. Fel C
      Fel C
      i only have 2 blasto. now i still shedding. my last heard on lining was 9.5 before my last fresh. i am also afraid of lining issue cos my menses is very short. i have bought raspberry tea from iherb to standby. after menses, i will start my red bean soup. what supplement will u be taking? my mobile number is 93859187. pls add me
      Jun 8, 2017
      Jill Stuart likes this.
  32. In Good hands
    In Good hands tanghao
    Hihi. May I ask if crinone 8% stil available? I'm starting my cycle this month end. Thanks.
  33. The Artsy Lens
    The Artsy Lens
    A passion in photography for you to cherish.
  34. tricia83
    tricia83 Faith79
    Hi, I have Low egg reserve too. Would like to join the group chat for motivation. Thanks! 81184669
  35. Angel_Grape
    Angel_Grape Hydra8616
    Hi what's is your contact nos?
  36. Fina SG
    Fina SG Cheng kim lan
    I was extremely blessed to have Aunty Kim Lan as my confinement nanny!


    Lanjie is so loving, gentle & patient with my baby. She is extremely responsible & very fast to respond. At night when baby cries, within a minute she is up & allows me to rest well. She also integrates very well with my family.

    TQ Lanjie!
  37. rickie
    rickie Hello_kitten_1127

    I read from the motherhood forum that u have young scientist magazines for sale. May I know what series and which year are they from ? and how much are u selling them? You can watapp me at 96799032

  38. prettycloud
    Dear All, I am away from this Sat onward for about a week. Replies will be slower.
  39. MkJy
    Anybody have recommendations for stay home nannies around bukit panjang area and jurong west area?
  40. Aruna1689
    I'm looking for hammock safety cradle
  41. joline chua
    joline chua
    Selling Nan Milk Powder at a very low price! email me for details! (:
  42. joline chua
    joline chua
    Hello! New member here
  43. Julia Loh
    Julia Loh
    Cheers to you and me =)
  44. Nelson Tan
    Nelson Tan
    Your Happiness Is My Business.
  45. Hopeful23
    Hopeful23 HavingHope
    hello, I read your post that you have hydrosalpinx on both tubes? I have it in one tube and I just failed my first fresh cycle... now I'm also considering to remove it but not sure if the removal will affect egg reserve which is what I read online... will be seeing dr this coming Friday to get opinions before I finalize my decision :(
  46. hollandlop123
    New mum to be!
  47. peaneo
    Hi, I am an experienced Educational Therapist, and am trained in the OG-method.
  48. IFAadvisor
    7 years experience in the IFA insurance market
  49. Wealth&Joy
    In my career, I have done 400 hospitalization claims with a 100% success rate for my clients.
  50. cartiergirlhk
    Mom of 3 - aged 4, 2 and 3rd one due in Oct 2017