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March 2021

We Love this Family Photoshoot on a Cruise by AndroidsinBoots

Call it serendipity. When you put one family, plus the photographer who shot the parents’ wedding together on a ship, you get… boom! A destination family photoshoot on a cruise! That’s what happened when AndroidsinBoots (AIB) principal wedding photographer Wilson bumped into his ex-wedding clients and their children Sarah, 3, and Matthew, 1, while on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas last December.

Together, they decided to do a spontaneous family photoshoot on board. As you can see from the images, it was beautiful, poignant, and immensely memorable. In fact, we reckon this just might start a new trend in destination photoshoots (since overseas travel is not possible at the moment)! What do you think?

How did this family photoshoot on a cruise come about? 

AIB: The family was our ‘ex couple’. We shot the parents’ wedding. We also did a family shoot for them with their first child, and another one when their second child was born. Hence they are a client we have been ageing with. They resonate with AIB’s vision “Age with you”.

The family became close friends with our photographer through the photoshoots over the years. So when they all happened to be on the Royal Caribbean cruise at the same time, they thought why not do a photoshoot on board?

Isn’t AIB better known for wedding photography?

Yes, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we had to diversify and offer a range of services. This was especially so when the weddings business was quiet due to the attendance limit during that time.

What did you have to adjust for this kind of photoshoot? 

For family shoots we usually have adapt when approaching younger children, and getting them to cooperate during the shoot.

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Was it challenging doing a family photoshoot on a cruise during COVID? 

No, it was not much of a challenge as we had already been doing family shoots during the circuit breaker. As per safety regulations, the couples and families who are being photographed can be unmasked during photo-taking.

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How did you get the kids to cooperate?

Food and snacks were essential.

Also, it was important to build the relationship and bond with them.

How did you recce for locations on the ship?

The family was spontaneous and they willing to go with the flow. If swimming was the agenda for the morning then we would do some shots by the pool. If it was play time for the kids, then we would follow where they were going. There was no fixed plan.

What was the most unforgettable moment during the shoots?

When Sarah (3) finally allowed Wilson to carry her!

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How much did the photoshoot cost? 

Do DM us to find out more ;P

All images: AndroidsinBoots

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We Love this Family Photoshoot on a Cruise by AndroidsinBoots