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May 2011

Family City: Sydney

Singaporeans have a love-love relationship with Australia. Indeed, the land of Oz is one of the most travelled locations that Singaporeans venture to while on holiday, especially with the kids in tow.

It’s easy to see why. Australia is familiar to most of us, and not just because of Kylie or koalas. We all have a friend or a relative or a friend of a friend or relative who has studied in or migrated to Australia and has never stopped singing its praises.

At just five to eight hours’ flight time away (Perth and Sydney respectively), flights are supremely manageable. There’s enough time to include a meal and a nap so little ones arrive contented, not cranky. Once on land, navigation is a breeze. Everyone speaks English, cars are driven on the same side of the road, and transport options abound.


Sydney, the centre of Australian cool, is where the entire family can experience all of Australia in one place. Hug a koala, hop with a ‘roo, take a ferry round the harbour, catch a movie at the world’s tallest iMax theatre (eight stories high), explore the inside of a submarine, frolic in the surf… there’s family fun everywhere!
Image: Darling Harbour –

The kids may be too short to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but they’ll definitely be tall enough to enjoy everything else. Sydney is a great host when it comes to keeping kids entertained, indoors and out. There are parks, beaches, museums, and wildlife galore to discover.

Weather-wise, spring-time between September and November is perfect. Just remember to pack sunblock and a hat, a bottle of water, and you’re set. Click on the links below for family-friendly options on accommodation, dining, fun stuff, and more.

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Family City: Sydney