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November 2016

ezbuy + Taobao 11.11: Massive Discounts on Mummy and Baby Products

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In conjunction with the upcoming annual Taobao 11.11 sale on 11 November, ezbuy will be having a super sale day, so you can take advantage of some massive discounts without any of the hassle.

11 November is known as Singles’ Day or 光棍节 (guānggùnjié) in China, a festival where young adults celebrate being single. It’s usually stylised as 11.11, as the number “1” symbolises a lone individual. It’s quickly become one of the most popular shopping days in the calendar year, with sales often hitting record numbers. The best part about it is that the shopping is not limited to singles – it’s a great opportunity for everyone to cash in on the attractive promotions.


For those of us not physically in China, Singaporeans turn to online marketplaces. Yes, we can get similar or even the exact same items in brick-and-mortar shops locally, but online merchants are typically able to offer a wider range of products at a lower price. After all, you are buying directly from the country of origin, bypassing importers, wholesalers and retailers, which means not having to pay for costly mark ups in price several times over!

Hassle-Free Savings with ezbuy

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This translates to immediate savings, which as all mummies and daddies know, is always welcome. One of the most popular online marketplaces currently is Taobao, which has quite the following both in its home base China and internationally. But as it uses Mandarin as its language medium, many English-speaking Singaporeans are put off. This is where ezbuy comes in.

ezbuy provides you with a one-stop shopping platform – yes, in English – and combines it with an efficient forwarding service directly from their warehouses in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Apart from offering the best shipping rate in Singapore, ezbuy will also help to inspect your purchases, ensuring that the order is accurate and items in good condition. They then repack and consolidate your shopping before delivering them to your doorstep.

For the one-day-only Taobao 11.11 sale on Friday, 11 November, 2016, ezbuy will be having a mega giveaway on their dedicated Taobao 11.11 platform. Besides having a Free Agent Fee promotion on 11.11, shoppers are able to grab up to $300+ free shopping vouchers, flash deals and the chance to win an iPhone7 starting from 4 November. You can also get free Prime vouchers via collecting eCoins, giving you a flat $2.99 unlimited shipping on products marked Prime, as well as putting 20 non-prime items of your choice on your Prime Wishlist. If you have more items to shop for during 11 November, you will also be able to enjoy 1kg economy air shipping + 20 per cent subsequent shipping discount.

Good news for those new to ezbuy! Just sign up using this link and you will receive a free $10 shopping voucher to get you started.

ezbuy Recommends Hot Ticket Items

During this year-end 11.11 shopping festival, majority of merchants on Taobao will be slashing their prices, with many items even at discounts of 50 per cent or more. Expectant mums can look for pretty maternity wear, or shop for essential baby items like rockers, strollers and activity mats in preparation for baby’s arrival. It’s also a great opportunity to stock up on super adorable baby rompers, as well as other items for the whole family.

Here are some extra hot buys recommended by the ezbuy team:

Korean Design Loose Knit Long-sleeved Maternity Sweater

ezbuy - taobao 11.11 - maternity-sweater

A knitted sweater-dress that lets mums-to-be stay warm Singapore’s air-conditioned malls and offices, even while looking elegant on date night with the hubs. It comes in six different colours, from basic black to hot red.

Striped Navy Cotton Maxi Convertible Maternity Dress

ezbuy - taobao 11.11 - maternity-dress

Tie it back in your first trimester and wear it loose as your baby bump grows. This comfy casual maternity dress grows with you, and will still look just as stylish even after you pop.

Belecoo Lightweight Baby Stroller

ezbuy - taobao 11.11 - baby-stroller

Available in more than 20 colours, this baby stroller offers the quality and features typically found only in much pricier models. These include converting from flat to recline to sit-up at a press of a button, and it also folds down with a single touch.

Waterproof Baby Bibs with Detachable Silicone Tray

ezbuy - taobao 11.11 - baby-bib

These convertible bibs are as cute as they are functional. Choose from colourful animal designs to fruit motifs and more. Each comes with a matching silicone tray that collects dropped food, then snaps right off for easy washing.

Formal Outfits for Your Little Gentleman

ezbuy - taobao 11.11 - baby-suits

Little boys’ clothes are usually not as varied or as fun as outfits for little girls. Until now. Take your pick of these adorable and snazzy-but-comfortable ‘suits’, and your little man will be the shining star of every party.

Popular Kids Canvas Sports Bag from Korean brand Supreme

ezbuy - taobao 11.11 - supreme-bag

Perfect for your little fashionistas and K-pop star wannabes to tote around, this range of canvas bags comes in a wide range of colours and designs. We particularly like the pink camouflage one!

Electric Maserati Four-Wheel Car for Kids

Sure to be a hit with little F1 race driver hopefuls, this sporty mini Maserati makes for a fun ride for tots to preschoolers. It runs for up to two hours on a single charge and even has a functional storage trunk!

Giant Snorlax Plush Cushion

ezbuy - taobao 11.11 - pokemon-snorlax

Coming in at a whopping 1.5 metres tall, this huge Snorlax plushie will surely put a smile on the face of any Pokémon fan big or small. If space is an issue, you can get smaller versions, as well as other popular Pokémon like Pikachu in various sizes.

The above-mentioned items are just the tips of the iceberg. Be sure to mark this Friday, 11 November on your calendar and get ready for some super Singles’ Day shopping at!

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ezbuy + Taobao 11.11: Massive Discounts on Mummy and Baby Products