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April 2017

Happy Monkey: Non-Toxic, Eczema-Friendly Baby Clothes for Kids in Singapore

Does your baby have eczema, sensitive skin, and allergies? Keep her skin free from rash with organic, natural, and eco-friendly baby clothes from Happy Monkey.

When her second daughter Alexa was diagnosed with eczema, Tay Eu-Yen took action. She had to, as even baby clothes made of 100 per cent cotton would exacerbate Alexa’s eczema. “As a family, we believe in wearing good quality, non-toxic clothing. Ainsley (Alexa’s sister, aged 4) has handed down quite a few bamboo and organic cotton clothes to Alexa, but Alexa needed her whole wardrobe to be made of eco fabrics,” the mum of two said.

Since Eu-Yen, 37, could not find baby clothes that would not irritate her baby’s sensitive skin in Singapore, she scouted beyond our shores and found a world of “ insanely stylish yet non-toxic clothing”. These are now available in Singapore at Happy Monkey — The Kids’ Eco-Fashion Store, which Eu-Yen launched in February this year.


Aster & Oak



“Many of the brands did not have a retail presence in Singapore (some did not even ship here). As a result I realised that there is a need for a kids’ eco-fashion multi-brand platform in Singapore,” the ex-lawyer and co-founder of the now-defunct Butter Factory said.

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A One-Stop Webstore for All Things Eczema-Friendly

But Happy Monkey (named after Alexa, who was born in the year of the Monkey) has more than just apparel. It is a one-stop store for all things eczema-friendly. These include laundry detergent (Happyganics), Cloversoft wipes (made from pure water and unbleached bamboo), and the award-winning Bambo Nature diapers.

Say bye to blood and tears with Scratch mitts, which prevents eczema-stricken kids from endless scratching.

And they work! Alexa uses all the products under the “For Sensitive Skin” collection. Due to Alexa’s skin sensitivity, Eu-Yen has also changed the cosmetics she uses: “I use natural make up because my Chanel powder gave her rash when I cuddled her.” Consequently, Happy Monkey now carries products that are “clean for mummy to indulge in” but also baby-safe. (Look for them under the “Happy Mommy” collection)

NCLA Nail Lacquer

Keeping Babies & Kids with Eczema Rash-Free


There are now 14 (and counting!) international eco-fashion brands on Happy Monkey, and almost all the apparel brands are exclusive to Happy Monkey in Singapore.

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Broken Tricycle

Whether your babies have eczema or not, you’d probably want to ensure that their delicate skins remain non-irritated as much as possible. Eco-friendly clothing — like those carried by Happy Monkey — are the perfect choice. Why? Since they are made of fabrics from natural or organic sources, they do not have harmful chemicals that may permeate our skin. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to dress our little ones in these? As Eu-Yen says: “Sensitive skin can be managed. Like Alexa, babies can overcome eczema with the right products and meticulous planning by mum.” Indeed!

All images: Happy Monkey — The Kids’ Eco-Fashion Store

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Happy Monkey: Non-Toxic, Eczema-Friendly Baby Clothes for Kids in Singapore