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Top 6 Cycling Schools Where Kids Can Learn to Cycle in Singapore

Is your kid chomping at the bit to pedal away on his own two wheels? Bet you’re not ready to let go! Most children can learn to ride a bicycle between the ages of three and six years, so don’t worry. It’s often said that kids must fall off and scrape their knees a few times first. However, experienced cycling instructors in Singapore beg to differ. Here, in alphabetical order, are the top six cycling schools where kids can learn to cycle in Singapore. Say goodbye to training wheels and hello to balancing a whole new world!

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1. Biking Singapore

Biking Singapore

The certified SG-Coach coaches at Biking Singapore understand that for most beginners, the fear of falling is real. So they designed Singapore’s first cycling class to help children overcome such challenges in a fun and engaging manner. Group classes are split into three stages that cover balance control, pedalling and manoeuvring, and safety cycling skills. Private classes are also available at $200 per student for two 2-hour sessions.

Where PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay
How much
$60 per student for 1.5 hour group session
Web www.bikingsingapore.com

2. Coastline Leisure

Coastline Leisure

Located at East Coast Park, Coastline Leisure conducts bicycle learner workshops for kids. They even provide special learner bikes designed specifically to ease the learning process and allow for effective step-by-step learning. Under the guidance of professional instructors, children are able to cycle independently as soon as 30 minutes into a session. To ensure your child gets personalised attention, each session is limited to a maximum of two learners.

Where East Coast Park E2 / B1
How much
$60 per student for 1 hour weekday session
Web www.coastlineleisure.com.sg

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3. Cycle School SG

where kids can learn to cycle in Singapore - cycle school sg

Coach Fai of Cycle School SG has taught hundreds of students to cycle and the reviews speak volumes. Parents and students say he is extremely patient, and lessons are systematic and stress-free. The kids cycling programme is ideal for children aged 4 to 16 years. While he uses a structured approach to training, he also adapts lessons to each child’s abilities and fear levels. He conducts group, family, and individual classes, each one hour long.

Where 4-minute walk from Tiong Bahru MRT
How much
From $60 per student for 1 hour session
Web www.cycleschoolsg.com

4. Cycling Lesson @ Hon Kah Trading

where kids can learn to cycle in Singapore - hon kah

The cycling course for beginners at Hon Kah Trading is suitable for all age groups, with the youngest and oldest students aged 4 and 65 years respectively to date. Coach Edmund conducts one-to-one coaching using specially designed modules. First, mindsetting and balancing, followed by steering and reversing. Finally, he covers practical cycling in the real world, such as how to cycle up and down slopes. His coaching mantra? Never give up!

Where #02-109, Block 4 Queen’s Road
How much
From $80 per student for 1 hour session
Web www.cyclinglesson.com.sg

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5. Doorstep Skating & Cycling

Coach Ryan of Doorstep Skating & Cycling has been teaching adults and kids to cycle (and skate) since 2003. Ironically, he had taught himself to cycle when he was young, so he understands how painful that can be! He offers private cycling lessons for one, two, or a group of up to five students that you form yourself. Learners must be at least six years old. As the name suggests, you can train at any suitable venue that’s convenient for you.

Where Your choice
How much
From $70 per student for 1 hour session
Web www.doorstepskating.com

6. Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) Academy

The governing body for the promotion and development of the sport of cycling in Singapore offers beginner classes too. The SCF Academy trains kids from 5 to 17 years in two-hour weekly sessions. It’s a progressive year-long programme, and those who show potential will be invited to train with a national youth squad. They also conduct school holiday camps for kids interested to try out BMX and mountain bike cycling.

Where Centaurs Sports Park, 200 Turf Club Road
How much
$60 per student per month or $180 per term
Web www.cycling.org.sg

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Letting your child learn to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage that comes with many benefits. For one thing, it’s an excellent form of exercise that takes them into the great outdoors. You’ll also be imparting a lifelong skill that opens up a world of exploring on two wheels. And going for bike rides as a family is a wonderful bonding opportunity as well.

P.S. Except for SCF Academy, the cycling schools listed above also offer classes for adults. So Mums and Dads who don’t already cycle, you can learn to ride a bicycle alongside your little ones too. Happy cycling!

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