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November 2022

Christmas 2022: 50+ Unique Log Cakes, Unexpected Turkeys & Ultimate Festive Treats

Mariah Carey is playing on the radio. And Orchard Road is sparkling with lights. Indeed, it’s finally time to start counting down to an unbridled Christmas 2022. So get ready to chow down on utterly gobble-licious turkey feasts and sweeten the season with unabashedly calorific log cakes. Then try even more unusual seasonal delights and indulge in unlimited festive feasts. In other words, don’t hold back, because — after the last couple of years — we deserve it!


1. Ah Mah Hazelnut Log Cake

A fan of Ah Mah’s fluffy and eggy castella cakes? Then don’t miss this special rendition that’s exclusively available during the Christmas 2022 holiday season. It showcases a light chocolate sponge rolled around a rich and nutty hazelnut cream. A festive treat even grannies will love!

$19.90 at Ah Mah Homemade Cake (20% off from 28 November to 11 December)

2. Alice’s Christmas Log Cake

Alice’s Christmas Log Cake - Alice Boulangerie

This moist chocolate flourless sponge hides layers of chocolate mud biscuit, exotic fruit crémeux, caramelised banana, and hazelnut praline crunch. Sitting atop the beautifully constructed log cake is an adorable 3D squirrel made from orange dark chocolate mousse.

$85 at Alice Boulangerie

3. Ginger Yuletide

Ginger Yuletide - Breadtalk

Savour comforting warmth in an inventive yet familiar blend of flavours. Elements include homemade ginger orange marmalade, ginger orange chocolate mousse, caramel sauce, chocolate chiffon, and a crisp royaltine base. A chocolate Christmas tree, golden stars, and snowflakes deck the innovative creation.

$72.80 exclusively at BreadTalk’s E-store (25% off till 30 November; 15% off till 15 December)

4. Christmas Wreath Cake

Spread the festive cheer this Christmas 2022 and enchant guests with this table centrepiece. In the shape of a traditional Christmas wreath that usually adorns your door, it features cranberries, sour cream, rosemary, and cream cheese frosting.

$98 at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

5. Chocolate Calamansi Basil with Pineapple Compote Log Cake

Chocolate Calamansi Basil with Pineapple Compote Log Cake - Carlton Hotel Singapore

A layered log cake with Valrhona Caramel Dulcey chocolate mousse with 35 per cent cocoa content. It also packs piquant basil sponge cake, tangy calamansi curd, and tropical pineapple compote. A crunchy chocolate florentine base adds texture to every bite.

$78 at Carlton Hotel Singapore (15% off from 1 to 25 December)

6. Yule Hee Hoo!

Yule Hee Hoo! - Cat & the Fiddle

This layered creation comprises a hazelnut chocolate praline base, chocolate cream cheese, and raspberry ruby centre. The finely balanced sweet and tangy flavours get an outer cloak of pistachio cream cheese mouse. Matcha green tea sponge crumbles and an adorable reindeer topper complete the look.

$58.90 at Cat & the Fiddle (25% off till 30 November; 20% off from 1 to 10 December)

7. Xmas Premier Rouge

Xmas Premier Rouge - Châteraisé

From the Christmas 2022 collection of everyone’s favourite Japanese patisserie comes this jewel. The shiny red glacage hides strawberry, raspberry and cassis jelly encased in a cream cheese mousse with a daquoise base. Imported from Japan, each cake uses special ingredients, such as water from Hakushu. Pre-order now and stand a chance to win a 3D2N stay at Châteraisé Gateaux Kingdom (including flights) in Hokkaido!

$52 at Châteraisé ($5 off with Citibank cards)

8. Matcha Yuzu and Red Bean Yule Log

Matcha Yuzu and Red Bean Yule Log - Conrad Centennial Singapore

Try as we might, we couldn’t figure out how this tree-shape log cake was constructed. Beneath the matcha glaze are layers of matcha mousse, yuzu crémeux, and a generous centre of sweet red bean paste. Each slice forms an individual Christmas tree, while every mouthful is a burst of flavours.

$76 at Conrad Centennial Singapore (10% off from 23 November to 31 December)

9. Mango Sticky Rice Yule Log Cake

Mango Sticky Rice Yule Log Cake - Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore

From the in-house pastry chef at Dusit Gourmet comes this unique Thai-inspired gateaux treat (front). A must for Bangkok and Phuket fans who love the mango sticky rice dessert. $10 from every log cake purchase goes towards Make-A-Wish Singapore, so it’s a festive treat for a good cause too!

$58 at Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore (25% off till 30 November; 15% off thereafter)

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10. Opalys Mango Calamansi Log Cake

Opalys Mango Calamansi Log Cake - Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

Prefer your cakes light and refreshing? Then let this visually and palate pleasing golden yellow confection (front) brighten the festivities. Valrhona Opalys 33% white chocolate cloaks a combination of fresh mango, vanilla sponge, and a touch of tangy calamansi.

$75 at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

11. Butterfly Pea Coconut with Osmanthus & Longan

Butterfly Pea Coconut with Osmanthus & Longan - Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong

New from Baba Chews for Christmas 2022 is this oriental-inspired Yule log featuring creamy butterfly pea coconut puree. Beneath the elegant snowy exterior, you’ll discover bits of refreshing longan amid fresh osmanthus whipped cream.

$102 at Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong (10% off till 15 December)

12. Triple Chocolate Christmas Tree Cake

Homegrown patisserie LUNA presents an adorable log cake in the shape of a three-tier Christmas tree. On a base of almond sponge and crispy feuilletine are three distinct layers. Yoghurt and cream cheese white chocolate provides a mild tang, contrasting against the luxe bitterness of dark chocolate mousse. In between, sweet caramel milk chocolate mousse delivers the perfect balance.

$82 at LUNA

13. Bûche Saint-Honoré Almond & Raspberry

Bûche Saint-Honoré Almond & Raspberry - Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Deck your party table with this festive rendition of the classic French cake. Fluffy choux pastry full of pink almond praline sits pretty on a crispy puff pastry base. Put together in the shape of a Christmas tree with raspberry marmalade, it is sure to steal the limelight.

$188 at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

14. Cheeky Santa Pina Colada Log Cake

Cheeky Santa Pina Colada Log Cake - Orchard Hotel Singapore

Not quite a log, this creation (back) contains fresh coconut, pineapple, and mocktail for a burst of tropical flavours. It also comes with a mini hammer so the kids can crack it open for a Christmas surprise. By the way, you might want to drop by the IG-worthy festive Elf Village to collect it in person!

$98 at Orchard Hotel Singapore (15% off till 12 December)

15. Pink Guava and Strawberry Log Cake

Pink Guava and Strawberry Log Cake - Pan Pacific Singapore

With its stunning hue of red, this is the perfect centrepiece (centre) for any dining table. Decadent red velvet cake sandwiches a unique combination of pink guava mousse and strawberry confit. A light, tangy, and refreshing XMAS conversation starter.

$90 at Pan Pacific Singapore (20% off till 30 November)

16. Cranberry Chocolate Mud Cake

Cranberry Chocolate Mud Cake - PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore

Standing out from the collection of decadent log cakes at Portman’s Bar is one the kids will adore. Moist chocolate cake with orange-infused cranberries make up the bulk of this little number. But it’s that whimsical reindeer ‘topper’ that will add cheer to your dining table!

$75 at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay Singapore (25% off till 30 November; 15% off thereafter)

17. Charred Grapes & Mixed Nuts ‘Cheese Platter’ Log

Not your typical cheesecake, but rather, a cheese platter in a cake! Surprise cheese lovers with this savoury log cake full of cream cheese, ricotta cheese, and honey. Available in two sizes, it also contains chopped almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias, walnuts, and for the final touch, charred red grapes.

From $69 at The Pine Garden (15% till 11 December)

18. Noel Forest Chocolate Boule

Noel Forest Chocolate Boule - Resorts World Sentosa

This gorgeous Christmas bauble from RWS Executive Pastry Chef Kenny Kong is sure to be the talk of your table. It features a crunchy gingerbread praline base, with layers of fir honey, forest fruits compote, and Madagascar chocolate mousse. Petit pine trees and reindeer cookies add extra texture to the chocolatey and fruity flavours.

$128 at Resorts World Sentosa (25% off till 26 December for MasterCard holders)

19. Christmas Rudolph Cake

Christmas Rudolph Cake - Shangri-La Singapore

Dash into Christmas 2022 with this sweet rendition of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (back). It features a delicious crown of cocoa butter cream, salted caramel, chocolate sponge, and an almost too-cute-to-eat reindeer face. Leave it to the kids to dig in, though!

$128 at Shangri-La Singapore (15% off till 4 December)

20. Noisette Noir Chocolate Hazelnut Log Cake

Noisette Noir Chocolate Hazelnut Log Cake - Sofitel Singapore City Centre

This pencil-shape log cake (front) reminds us of a time when we believed in Santa and diligently wrote him letters. The rich chocolate cake base holds Manjari dark chocolate crémeux, hazelnut praline, hazelnut Chantilly cream, and Manjari dark chocolate mousse.

$96 at Sofitel Singapore City Centre (15% off till 8 December)

21. Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata - Swensen's

Swensen’s all-new Hokkaido Snow with Honeycomb Bits Ice Cream features a milky aroma with melt-in-the-mouth morsels of honeycomb. This festive season, it’s not only available as an ice cream pint, but also stars in this new ice cream log cake. Immerse yourself in a white, snowy, winter wonderland with each creamy bite.

$65 at Swensen’s

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22. Chocolate Fantasy Yule Log

Chocolate Fantasy Yule Log - Swissbake

The European-style artisanal bakery thoughtfully prepares this ubiquitous classic with less sugar, so you can indulge more this holiday season. Yet it remains, as its name suggests, unforgettably rich, chocolatey, and ready to fulfil your festive fantasies.

$55 at Swissbake via Portopantry (15% off till 30 November) & Fairprice Finest outlets


23. Soy Honey Miso Glazed Turkey

Brined for at least 24 hours, the turkey gets a good rubdown with a specially concocted honey-miso marinade and aromatics. Afterwards, it’s slow-roasted to a glorious brown for tender, moist meat that packs umami goodness. Enjoy it with the full trimmings of garlic soy fried rice, sautéed greens with dashi, and soy-honey-miso gravy.

$178 at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport (25% off online orders till 15 December)

24. Stuffed & Deboned Roast Turkey

This easy-to-carve version of the customary Christmas bird packs three layers of stuffing. In the centre is Cotechino, a traditional Italian pork sausage served during Christmas time. Next, a mix of chestnuts, leeks, and mushrooms, followed by a final layer of chorizo spiced mince. It comes with roasted potatoes, carrots, onions, and house-made fresh passionfruit sauce.

$358 at Da Paolo Gastronomia (15% off Christmas Bundle Meals till 30 November)

25. Roasted Turkey Masak Merah

Spice up the season with this new Asian-inspired creation that uses a marination of traditional Malay spices. Complementing it are fragrant blue pea flower ‘lemak’ basmati rice and crispy belinjo crackers. To top it off, enjoy the vibrant red bird with spiced tomato gravy and the piquant sambal belacan.

$238 at The Fullerton Hotels Singapore (20% off till 21 November)

26. Chinese-style Braised Whole Turkey

Using authentic Teochew culinary techniques, this flavourful turkey is slow-braised until tender in a robust sauce infused with aromatics. It is served with six braised eggs, braised peanuts, and house-made chilli sauce. Enjoy it with either yam rice with preserved sausages, mushrooms, and dried shrimps or thick rice porridge with braised gravy.

$338 at Goodwood Park Hotel (up to 25% off till 10 December)

27. Roasted Kam Heong Turkey

Translating to “golden fragrance”, the aroma of this turkey will whet your appetite before you even see it. Its marinade features oyster sauce, lemongrass, ginger, curry powder, dried shrimp, and more. Dunk it in more ‘kam heong’ sauce and pair it with the accompanying egg fried rice and pickled vegetables.

$148 at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium (20% off till 8 December)

28. Peranakan Kapitan Spice Roasted Tom Turkey

Satisfy hearty appetites with this rich and aromatic Nyonya-style turkey this Christmas 2022. Bearing robust flavours from spices ranging from galangal to lemongrass, this pays tribute to the Peranakan heritage of the hotel.

$218 at InterContinental Singapore (up to 20% off till 30 November; 10% off thereafter)

29. Roasted Turkey with Honey, Lavender, and Peppercorn

The turkey is house-brined overnight before being slow-roasted till golden brown while retaining succulence. Finally, a mix of apple honey and toasted spices are brushed onto the turkey. This blend, which includes peppercorns and dried lavender, adds an alluring flavour to the tender meat.

$128 at The Marmalade Pantry (15% off till 30 November)

30. Asian Eight-Spice Roast Turkey

Ginger, star anise, cumin, chilli, cinnamon, galangal, turmeric, and saffron make up the aromatic marinade for this brined turkey. Trimmings comprise Thai rice crackers, braised eggs with molten yolks, and deep-fried chicken rice balls. Garlic chilli sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and achar add even more depth to this unexpected delight.

$159 at PAUL Singapore (10% off till 31 December with Shopback Pay)

31. Whole Roasted Turkey in Campari and Amalfi Lemon

One of the starring highlights at Basilico this season is this Italian-style Whole Roasted Turkey marinated in Campari and Amalfi Lemon. Ultra tender and flavourful, it’s stuffed with blood orange, fresh basil, Cerignola green olives, and Pecorino Romano. Available a la carte or in a selection of festive sets at Dolcetto, as well as for dine-in at Basilico.

$278 at Regent Singapore (SingaporeMotherhood readers, enter promo code “SGMOTHERHOOD15” upon checkout to enjoy 15% off the festive delivery menu till 31 December)

32. Fruity Pomegranate-Hibiscus Scented Roast Turkey

To create this unique marinade, apples, pineapples, oranges, and spices are brewed in hibiscus tea and pomegranate juice. The turkey then rests in it for two days before it is stuffed with seafood, dressed in blueberry glaze, and sent to the oven. This succulent centrepiece also comes with citrus yogurt and cranberry sauce.

From $180 at Stamford Catering (from 24 November)

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33. Rum & Raisin Charcuterie Wreath Platter

One of the highlights on Tablescape’s Christmas 2022 festive takeaway menu is this fancy Charcuterie Wreath Platter. Part-starter and part-dessert, it features a ring of house-made brioche buns studded with rum-infused raisins. It encircles a lavish plate of cold cuts, cheeses, and winter fruits. There’s also a Chocolate Cranberry Charcuterie Wreath Platter, which uses chocolate cranberry brioche as its base instead. Spend a minimum of $500 at Tablescape’s Festive Deli Counter and stand a chance to win prizes such as a stay at Grand Park City Hall’s Crystal Club Premier Room!

$68 at Grand Park City Hall

35. Plant-based! Roast Wellington

This meat-free rendition of the all-time festive favourite beef wellington dish joins the Christmas 2022 deli lineup at FairPrice. The juicy roast brings to mind roast turkey, wrapped with cream spinach and baked in a golden-brown puff pastry. Served with savoury black pepper gravy for a spice kick.

$69.90 at FairPrice outlets (from 22 November)

36. Homemade Pastrami USDA Choice Brisket

Alongside popular salmon or beef wellingtons and seafood platters, this new addition to Greenwood Fish Market’s festive takeaway lineup showcases premium USDA Choice brisket. After brining for seven days, each 500 g slab is cooked till tender using a recipe that took months of R&D. The brisket is also available in a package of ready-to-eat slices.

From $45 at Greenwood Fish Market

36. Knotty Cheesy Pizza

Tell Santa that knotty is the new nice this festive season! Featuring a handcrafted knotted crust loaded with mozzarella cheese, the new Knotty Cheese Pizza in Chipotle Ranch packs on cheesy cornflakes, turkey ham, BBQ garlic chicken chunks, juicy onions, cherry tomatoes, and a tangy Chipotle Ranch sauce drizzle. Alternatively, enjoy your go-to Hawaiian, Super Supreme, Beyond Supreme, or The Four Cheese pizzas with a knotty twist. Available for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery, complete the feast with Prawn and Spinach Risotto, Merry Cheese Fondue, and Chipotle Wings.

From $18.45 at Pizza Hut

37. Christmas Tree Doppio

Look forward to this edible tree of cheesy doughballs that you can share with family and friends. It sees toppings of pork pepperoni, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, herbs, and spices, and comes with star-shape spiced cinnamon cookies with a delectable sugar glaze. Pull it apart and dip each mouthful into the accompanying pesto Genovese and pesto Siciliano sauces. Other items on the festive menu include Natale Pizza, Oven-baked Brussel Sprouts with Sweet Corn Riblets, Seafood Cioppino with Penne Pasta, and Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake.

$17.80 at PizzaExpress (from 1 December)

38. Yuzu Duck with Japanese Chestnut Stuffing

Not a fan of turkey? Then let this citrusy roast duck delight star at your holiday feast instead. It comes with all the usual trimmings, including stuffing made with Japanese chestnuts. You can also get it as part of a bundle, which comes with the Jingle Sashimi Platter, Gammon Ham and Potato Salad, and Pineapple Honey Baked Ham.

From $89.90 at RE&S

39. Spiced Meatloaf with Sambal Mashed Potatoes

This Christmas, Chef Damian D’Silva presents his renditions of four classic British dishes featuring Singapore heritage flavours. The pork meatloaf features aromatics of nutmeg and curry powder, topped with mashed Australian potatoes with ‘rempah titek’ sambal. It comes with Bubble & Squeak, Chef Damian’s version of the Sunday staple made with ‘leftovers’ on the side.

$90 at Rempapa (from 15 December)

40. Convivial Home Feasting with Little Farms

For a little of everything, the local speciality grocer offers high-quality and ethically sourced produce. Delicacies include Christmas Roast Turkey ($195) with sourdough apricot and sage stuffing to Pineapple and Honey Glazed Ham ($268). Pair it with sides such as Heirloom Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese Gratin ($28) and Garlic Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes ($28). Baked Pumpkin Pie ($80) and Black Forest Log ($80) complete the festivities on a sweet note.

Till 31 December at Little Farms outlets

41. Christmas Splendour with White Rose Café

For fuss-free family celebrations at home, consider this Christmas Splendour bundle ($228) of new highlights. Perfect for four to five diners, it comprises Smoked Pork Rib and Assorted Sausages, Oven-baked Tamarind Chicken, Morel Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread, Classic Potato Gratin, and Ratatouille. Add on the Holly Jolly Vanilla and Chocolate-Banana Log Cake ($68) to sweeten the deal.

From 1 to 31 December at York Hotel Singapore (20% off till 15 December; 15% off thereafter)


42. Sharing the Love at Amò

Bond with family this Christmas Eve and Day over a three-course dinner menu ($88 per person) highlighting 10 sharing dishes. A four-course communal menu of eight dishes is also available for Christmas Day lunch ($68 per person). Highlights include Tuna Tartare, Slow-roasted Iberico Pork Neck, Baked Rigatoni, Oven-roasted Augustus Prime Rib, and Panettone Soufflé.

24 & 25 December at Amò

43. Seasonal Winter Harvest at Artemis Grill

The seasonal menu at the sky-high dining concept features new festive winter ingredients. Highlights include Root Vegetable Consommé ($18) with ricotta dumplings, sage, and black winter truffle, Turkey Breast ($36) with all the trimmings, and Pistachio Semifreddo ($18) with Kataifi raspberry, honeycomb, and Attiki honey. A special three-course set menu ($118) will be served from 23 to 25 December.

From 1 December at Artemis Grill

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44. A Coastal Festive Celebration at Bedrock Origin

Headlining this lineup of sharing specials is a glorious Surf & Turf Platter ($338 for 2-3 persons), featuring 72-hour Slow-Cooked Black Angus Short Ribs, Australian Rock Lobster Thermidor, Italian pork sausages, Char-grilled Baby Gems, and house-made Cornbread. Then set your celebrations ablaze with the Dynamite Bombe Alaska (from $89 for 4-6 persons). The fiery dessert spectacle is available in three sizes, for up to 16 diners!

From 1 December at Bedrock Origin

45. The Festive Edit 2022 at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

Get into the Christmas 2022 spirit with new festive dishes on top of the classic a la carte menus. Begin with seasonal appetiser, Tuna Carpaccio with Smoked Eggplant ($28). For the second course, Spaghetti Al Tartufo with Black Winter Truffle and Pecorino Romano ($38). Exclusively for Christmas weekend, the sharing 560 g Tenderloin ‘Chateaubriand’ ($198) comes with chargrilled asparagus, maitake aushrooms and au poivre peppercorn sauce. White Christmas Yule Cake with Limoncello, Vanilla Cream, and Raspberry Gelato ($16) ends the meal.

From 1 December at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

46. Festive Dining at Sky22

Savour flavours of the season with a three- or four-course set dinner (from $45). Ham Hock Terrine, Cranberry Glazed Turkey Ballontine, and Beef Stroganoff are dishes to expect. On weekends and Christmas Eve and Day, festive buffets (from $78 per adult, from $39 per child) await. Think Slow-roasted Angus Rib Eye, Red Wine-braised Lamb Shank, and Christmas Pudding with Rum Sauce.

Till 30 December at Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena

47. Holiday Fiesta at Estate

Festive delicacies elevate Estate’s buffet spread (from $78 per adult, from $39 per child) of fresh seafood, gourmet appetisers, artisan cheese, and regional flavours. These include Honey Glazed Ham, Roasted Black Angus Ribeye, and a yuletide twist on the Signature Black Truffle Roasted Duck. More magic happens on Christmas Eve and Day (from $128 per adult, from $64 per child), where families can relish Classic Beef Wellington, Homemade Black Truffle Pasta, pass-around treats, Christmas carollers, magicians, and even meet Santa!

From 2 December at Hilton Singapore Orchard

48. Festive Dining at Jack’s Place

The party begins early with Pre-festive Set Lunch (from $14.80). For Christmas Eve and Day Set Lunch and Dinner (from $24.80), mains include Turkey, Honey Ham & Chestnut Stuffing; Grilled Salmon & Half Shell Scallop with Lemon Basil Cranberry Sauce; and N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Mushroom & Tarragon Ragoût. Top it off with a festive drink in the annual collectible Christmas Glass, which features Papa Santa this year.

From 16 to 26 December at Jack’s Place outlets

49. The Spirit of Christmas at La Belle Epoque

Join the farm-to-table European restaurant in celebrating its first Christmas with an exclusive set menu ($78). The first of four courses feature Duck Liver Pate, sourdough, and berries spice compote. Next, choose either Gin’s Prawn Salad or Nanny’s Pumpkin Soup. Mains include Beef Wellington, Le Chou-fleur De Wellington, Roast Turkey, or Salt Crust Branzino. Finally, for dessert, enjoy Black Fruit Cake, Banoffee Pie, or Fruit Gratin.

From 1 to 24 December at La Belle Epoque

50. Season of Feasting at PS.Cafe

Gather around a table of festive appetisers such as Baked Brie ($22) and Grilled Haloumi ($18). Then move on to mains from PS. Traditional Christmas Dinner ($38) to Chargrilled Pasture-fed Tasmanian Rack of Lamb ($48). A festive twist on a PS.Cafe signature, the Christmas Sticky Date Pudding ($15) with brandy butterscotch sauce is a must.

From 5 to 26 December at PS.Cafe outlets

51. Magical Christmas Wonderland at RedDot BrewHouse Dempsey

Start the festive countdown with Twelve Days of Christmas ($68), an appetiser platter featuring 12 starters for sharing. These include gazpacho, strawberry Santa sticks, ham croquette, and Manchego cheese. For the second course, Happy Turkey ($18), a succulent stuffed turkey breast roulade with salsa sauce and mustard cream. Lastly, end off with Sweet Christmas ($18), a dessert of white chocolate mousse and raspberry jelly.

Till 31 December at RedDot BrewHouse Dempsey

52. Family Fiesta at TONITO Latin American Kitchen

Head to Jewel Changi Airport for a colourful festive family feast, complete with lively Latin American music. Highlights on this zestful 7-course Festive Set Menu ($150) include Panqueque De Maiz, a sweet corn pancake with melted cheese. The crunchy, snack-like Fichas Locas and Chicharron will appeal to kids of all ages too. Arroz Con Leche, a sweet rice pudding, ends the meal on a sweet high. The set also comes with two Christmas cocktails for the grown-ups.

From 24 to 31 December at TONITO Latin American Kitchen

53. Festive Month Brunch at Opus Bar & Grill

Herald the festivities with celebratory Sunday brunch (from $118) all December long. On Christmas Eve and Day, all the ubiquitous seasonal favourites join the spread. From Boston lobsters and Fin de Claire oysters to carvings of turkey and ham, it’s a festive smorgasbord. Not forgetting D9 Cakery’s dessert bar, complete with White Chocolate Tiramisu with Gingerbread Genois and Araguani Dark Chocolate Log Cake. Expect a surprise from Father Christmas to engage the kids too!

From 4 to 31 December at voco Orchard Singapore

Christmas 2022 is just over a month away. Let the family feast-ivities and year-end merry-making begin!

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Christmas 2022: 50+ Unique Log Cakes, Unexpected Turkeys & Ultimate Festive Treats