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August 2022

5 Factors that Matter When Choosing the Best Diaper for Your Baby

All parents love spoiling their little ones and it’s easy to get carried away, especially when you’re a first-time parent. The latest designer baby outfits and diaper bags may look impressive on your social media #OOTDs, but no one would argue that they are a necessary extravagance. On the other hand, choosing the best diaper can truly make all the difference to your baby’s well-being. Be assured that you’re making the best choice for their delicate skin by keeping five key factors in mind.

☑ Hypoallergenic

Have you heard of the EU 26 allergens? This is a list of 26 substances most known to cause contact allergies as defined by the European Union. When choosing the best diaper for your little one, check that it is free of EU 26 allergens. This will help reduce the likelihood of baby’s sensitive bottom developing redness, irritation, and rashes. Keep diaper rash at bay!

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☑ Softness

There’s a reason we have the saying, ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’. Adults always wish they still had that baby-soft complexion, but the downside is how vulnerable it is. This is because the skin’s barrier is still developing. The best diaper should never feel coarse or unyielding to the touch to prevent abrasions. In fact, every part of the diaper should be made of the softest fibres possible.

☑ Absorbency

New parents are always shocked at how much pee a tiny baby can produce. (In actual fact, a they can produce up to two ounces of urine every hour in the first year!) The best diaper is one that instantly slurps up every drop, distributes it evenly, and traps it securely within. By the time your child transitions to pull-up pants, a diaper should ideally hold a night’s worth without backflow.

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☑ Dryness

The less contact pee and wet materials have with baby’s skin, the better. Especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. But since going buttock-loose and diaper-free is not usually practical, your second-best bet is to pick a diaper with a well-designed top sheet. Besides letting urine through quickly, it should allow plenty of air flow, and stay dry to the touch.

☑ Comfort and Fit

Wearing loose-fitting clothing can feel cooling in our warm weather, but this doesn’t apply to diapers. Some parents size up on diapers because they mistakenly think this helps increase breathability. It simply provides extra room for leakage, material to rub against the skin, and weight for baby to lug around. Look out for brands offering free samples when you’re choosing the best diaper for your baby. That way, you can try before you buy!

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Skinature by Drypers ticks all the boxes and more!

best diaper - Derma-Care Technology

Developed with Derma-Care Technology™, Skinature by Drypers keeps baby’s skin clean and dry while offering parents peace of mind. This premium range from Drypers is made with soft-as-cloud materials to cocoon baby’s bottom in complete comfort. Even the tape and loop, back sheet, and leg cuffs are extra soft! Feel it for yourself — free samples are available at

The 3D-embossed top layer is designed with air-through technology, creating tiny ridges for reduced skin contact and 100 per cent more air flow. Inside, a tailor-made core coupled with specially selected core materials work to quickly absorb and distribute liquid to prevent backflow, thus keeping baby’s skin clean and dry.

best diaper - Skinature by Drypers

Most importantly, every diaper in the Skinature range is dermatologically tested to be free from those nasty EU 26 allergens. They are even chlorine-free and fragrance-free inside and out. That’s why experienced mums put their trust — and their babies — in Skinature by Drypers.

Raising children to adulthood is expensive business, and prudent spending in the short run can go a long way. Bet your (baby’s) bottom dollar that investing in Skinature by Drypers will help keep them happier and healthier in the meantime.

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Skinature by Drypers is also available on,, and, with selected ranges available at all leading supermarkets.

No baby’s bottoms were hurt in creating this sponsored post.

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5 Factors that Matter When Choosing the Best Diaper for Your Baby