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March 2016

5 Child-Friendly Digital Artworks at Future World at The ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is now home to an all new permanent exhibition, Future World: Where Art Meets Science! Expect to be bowled over by 15 digital art installations which have been co-curated with teamLab, a renowned Japanese multi-award winning art collective. A whopping quarter of the museum’s gallery space has been occupied by Future World, making it Singapore’s largest digital playground!

At the media preview yesterday, I found the interactive exhibition to be the most child-friendly one I’ve experienced at the ArtScience Museum. This is an exhibition which truly puts its visitors at the heart of the artworks. It is an invitation for people of all ages to have fun, to play, and to explore while reflecting on one’s position relative to the natural world. The predominant use of light in a wide range of eye-catching hues in a dark setting is sure to captivate the little ones!


Here are five of my picks for the best artworks at Future World which kids will definitely have a ball of a time with!

1. Connecting! Train Blocks


Design your very own transportation network at this interactive artwork! Wooden blocks that are differentiated by shape and colour, are used to create roads, railways and rivers. Kids can also add cars, airplanes, boats and helicopters to bring the entire infrastructure to life! As children work together and place more blocks on the surface, the colourful table becomes busier and ultimately transforms into a unique cityscape built by little hands! How cool is that?

2. Media Block Chair


Aren’t these colourful cubes extremely pleasing to the eyes? Comprising fibreglass light cube chairs, these cubes can be viewed as the building blocks (quite literally) of a town. In this artwork, children are invited to build their own high-tech furniture, such as chairs and benches, or even architectural structures like partitions and walls. Every block used in the building process transmits information to its counterpart when they are connected; they change colours in the process! This is truly an installation which encourages little minds to be innovative as well as practical while designing their creations.

3. A Table Where Little People Live


This artwork got me really fascinated! What you see here are circular tables which house a community of miniature characters that include adorable little people. When you place your hands or an object on the table, the little people actually jump onto it! (yes, I was silently squealing in delight) The little people’s actions change in reaction to the shape and colour of the objects that they interact with. The more you interact with them, the more the little people become animated and playful!

4. Sketch Aquarium


This amazing digital work of art was my ultimate favourite, and it is sure to be the favourite of your children too. It features a digitally created aquatic world in which two dimensional sea animals which visitors sketch on paper, get this, COME TO LIFE in a virtual ocean! Yes, your very own coloured sketch of an aquatic creature will grow and evolve with the various images added by other visitors. You can also feed the fish and sea critters by touching particular images of bags of food on the screen! Individual creative works become part of an astounding shared experience in Sketch Aquarium.

5. Light Ball Orchestra 

This artwork (featured image) will ensure that you literally have a BALL of a time. Get ready for a mind boggling orchestra of colours and sounds! Touching one of the large balls changes the colour and sound of the balls surrounding it, thus creating a ripple-like effect. Any movements from other areas will send ripples in various directions, thus allowing for playful interactions throughout the space. Adults can bring out their inner child by pushing, rolling and bouncing the balls while the children will need absolutely no instructions in this area.


The Future World exhibition opens to the public on 12 March 2016, Saturday.

Ticket prices: adults – $17 (standard), $14 (Singapore resident), seniors aged 65 and above – $14 (standard), $11 (Singapore resident), children (2 to 12 years) – $10 (standard), $7 (Singapore resident). Family package (2 kids & 2 adults) – $44 (standard), $35 (Singapore residents).


All images courtesy of the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

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5 Child-Friendly Digital Artworks at Future World at The ArtScience Museum