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15 Best Cycling Trails in Singapore for Families

Most people are probably already familiar with the various walking and hiking trails in Singapore. Yet more Singaporeans are getting into the hobby of cycling since the pandemic began, including families with tiny tots! As a result, the country’s best cycling trails are now coming to light — from Coast-to-Coast to East Coast Park. Discover the best cycling trails in Singapore for all difficulty and experience levels.

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1. Chestnut Nature Park

cycling trails in Singapore - Chestnut Nature Park
Image: NParks Facebook

Starting off strong, we have Singapore’s largest nature park to date: Chestnut Nature Park. With over 80 hectares of space, this is the ultimate playground for the community to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities — hiking, birdwatching, and cycling, of course.

Cycling enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that there are 11 mountain biking trails here with various difficulty levels, depending on your preference. Beginner cyclists can rent a bike at Chestnut Point while more experienced riders can bring their own gear. Adrenaline junkies looking for a challenge should ride the Pump Track, where they can pull out a few stunts and tricks on the track’s four uniquely designed subsections.

Where Chestnut Avenue
Start Chestnut Nature Point
Distance 8.2 km
Difficulty 1/5 to 5/5

2. Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol Waterway Park

Situated in the northeast, you’ll find the trail along Punggol Waterway Park. With well-maintained tracks and smooth terrain all throughout, the trail is suitable for all ages and those looking for a chill ride without the hassle.

Apart from enjoying the view of the promenade while cycling, the park is segmented into four uniquely themed areas for visitors to enjoy a day filled with leisure activities: Nature Cove, Green Gallery, Heritage Zone, and Recreation Zone.

Where Sentul Crescent
Start Punggol Waterway Point
Distance 4.2 km
Difficulty 1/5

3. Coney Island Park

cycling trails in Singapore - Coney Island Park
Image: NParks

Looking for a rustic scene with untouched trails and paths minus the stunts? Then Coney Island is your best bet. Located off the coast of Punggol, it is ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. As you ride along the coastal trails, be prepared to discover hidden beaches and keep your eyes peeled for the array of bird species you’ll come across.

Getting here may be a bit of a challenge since it’s located in the northeast end of Singapore. But it’ll definitely be worth the trip. Cyclists have the option to bring their own bike or rent one from the bike rentals at Punggol Jetty or Punggol Settlement.

Where Punggol Promenade Nature Walk
Start Punggol Point Park
Distance 2.4 km
Difficulty 1/5

4. Changi Airport Connector

Changi Airport Connector Jurassic Mile
Image: Changi Airport

With life-sized dinosaur exhibits along the Jurassic Mile, the Changi Airport Connector is possibly the greatest of the cycling trails in Singapore for the little ones. Changi Airport’s latest outdoor attraction features a cycling path that doubles as a jogging route, perfect for visitors looking for a simple way to sneak in some simple exercise without the pressures of a challenging trail.

After hitting your cycling miles for the day, freshen up at the showers at Hub & Spoke and enjoy a quick bite from their extensive menu, ranging from local to Western dishes.

Where Airport Boulevard
Start Jurassic Mile
Distance 3.5 km
Difficulty 1/5

5. East Coast Park

cycling trails in Singapore - East Coast Park

When we think of cycling, the first thing that comes to mind is none other than East Coast Park. With multiple bike rentals spread across the place and clearly marked cycling paths, this is the ideal location for beginners who don’t own their own gear but still want to enjoy a nice weekend ride.

Apart from cycling, there’s plenty to do here at East Coast Park. Grab a spot under a shady coconut tree and enjoy a simple picnic with your family by the beach. Looking to feast instead? Stop over at the East Coast Seafood Centre or East Coast Lagoon for hearty (but also healthy) food options.

Where East Coast Park & Beach
Start Carpark B1 or Carpark G
Distance 42 km
Difficulty 2/5

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6. Marina Bay Loop

Marina Bay Loop
Image: Jeffrey Yue on Plotaroute.com

Whether it’s an energetic morning ride you’re after or a relaxing evening cycle, the Marina Bay Loop promises the best views of Singapore’s Marina Bay skyline from every corner of the trail. Starting from Marina Bay Sands, cyclists can make their way across the Helix Bridge all the way to Marina Barrage. As you pass some of the most iconic landmarks, such as the Merlion and Esplanade, don’t forget to take snapshots as keepsakes!

If you don’t have your own bike, fret not. There are several city bike rentals all over the area that only go for a few bucks an hour.

Where Various locations
Start Marina Bay Sands
Distance 11 km
Difficulty 1/5

7. Mandai Loop

cycling trails in Singapore - Mandai Loop
Image: Edwin Lee on Plotaroute.com

Road cycling enthusiasts would already be familiar with the Mandai Loop. Here, bikers find themselves immersed in nature as they make their way across Thomson Nature Park, MacRitchie Reservoir, King Albert Park, Dairy Farm Nature Park, and Mandai Road. You could even dismount for a visit at the Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, and Night Safari!

Despite the calming scenery, bear in mind that this isn’t exactly a beginner-friendly trail. Not only is it long, but this path also requires bikers to cycle in a low gear ratio to climb up steeper slopes. Before embarking on this trail, remember to proceed with caution and be prepared with the necessary equipment.

Where Various locations
Start MacRitchie Reservoir Park
Distance 35 km
Difficulty 4/5

8. Central Urban Loop

Central Urban Loop
Image: NParks

The Central Urban Loop takes riders into the urban heartlands to appreciate some of the oldest and most iconic estates in Singapore, including Whampoa, Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio, and Balestier. As you head further into the trail, you’ll find yourself passing through younger estates like Punggol before making your way back to the start point.

If you need a breather along your ride, there are multiple stops for cyclists to take a quick break. Don’t miss the chance to stop by the scenic parks such as Toa Payoh Town Park, Kallang River, and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park for a quick photo session with your family and fellow riders!

Where Various locations
Start Balam Park Connector, Balam Road
Distance 36 km
Difficulty 2/5

9. Eastern Coastal Loop

cycling trails in Singapore - Eastern Coastal Loop
Image: NParks

Make your way to the Eastern Coastal Loop if you love cycling with the seaside as your backdrop. Just as its name suggests, this trail takes cyclists across some of the most breathtaking parks and green pockets in the east, including Bedok Reservoir Park, Tampines Eco Green, and Changi Beach Park, for you to enjoy panoramic views of the ocean.

Apart from the stunning views and sightings of lush greenery, you can also find the East Coast Lagoon Food Village and Bedok Food Centre, where you can have the perfect family food affair after a long ride across the East.

Where Various locations
Start Pasir Ris Town Park
Distance 17.5 km
Difficulty 1/5

10. Western Adventure Loop

Western Adventure Loop
Image: NParks

Now heading over to the west, the Western Adventure Loop is arguably one of the most breathtaking cycling trails in Singapore. Cycling against the backdrop of Little Guilin and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve would make anyone want to pause and take in the view of nature’s best. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may be lucky enough to spot some amazing bird species along the Bukit Panjang Park Connector.

With multiple rest areas and pit stops along the route, this makes for the ideal trail for both young and old to enjoy the great outdoors while staying active.

Where Various locations
Start Bukit Batok Town Park
Distance 12 km
Difficulty 2/5

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11. Northern Explorer Loop

cycling trails in Singapore - Northern Explorer Loop
Image: NParks

As you head up north, visitors will get to discover the wild and wonderful side of the Northern Explorer Loop as you embark on a park-hopping experience. This trail covers everything from the calm waters of Lower Seletar Reservoir Park to the sloping lawns of Sembawang Park.

With a relatively moderate trail and flat terrains across park connectors, the Northern Explorer Loop is fit for cycling enthusiasts as well as families who want to enjoy the ride at their own pace.

Where Various locations
Start Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
Distance 11 km
Difficulty 2/5

12. Southern Ridges Loop

Southern Ridges Loop
Image: NParks

Apart from being a famous hiking trail for tourists and locals alike, the Southern Ridges Loop doubles as a cycling trail as well. This loop spans all five parks in the southern region. From the iconic Mount Faber Park and Henderson Waves all the way to Telok Blangah Hill Park, the view from every turn feels like a reward.

With several uphill slopes, this trail would be a great challenge for cyclists looking to push themselves just a little bit more than usual.

Where Various locations
Start South Buona Vista Road
Distance 9 km
Difficulty 3/5

13. Coast-to-Coast (C2C) Trail

cycling trails in Singapore - C2C
Image: NParks

If you’re up for the long haul, try your hand (or your feet, in this case) at the C2C trail that takes cyclists from Jurong all the way to the Punggol or vice versa, depending on your preferred route. With 10 checkpoints throughout the trail, cutting across 18 parks and 11 park connectors, this will go down as one of the longest and most picturesque cycling trails in Singapore yet.

Be sure to make pit stops at Bukit Batok Nature Park, Sengkang Floating Wetlands, and Singapore Botanic Gardens to take in all that the great outdoors has to offer. For a more immersive journey, download the Coast-to-Coast Trail mobile app before your ride. You can also refer to this NParks guide for scenic points when planning your route.

Where Various locations
Start Jurong Lake Gardens or Coney Island Park
Distance 36 km
Difficulty 4/5

14. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin map
Image: NParks

A favourite among novice cyclists, how could we forget the iconic Pulau Ubin? As one of the last kampungs in Singapore, this quaint yet thriving village provides visitors with a quick respite from the concrete jungle and a taste of life in the countryside. This trail will take you around the island’s most popular sights, including Chek Jawa wetlands for wildlife watching, the highest point on Pulau Ubin that is Pukka Hill, and the Jejawi Tower to see the island’s lush tree canopy from a unique vantage point. Visitors may be in for a heart-pumping workout but the scenic views definitely make the trip rewarding.

Explore the village at your own pace simply by renting a bicycle at the Main Village or bring your own. For those bringing their own gear, all you have to do is pay an additional $2 to the bumboat operator before departing from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Where Pulau Ubin
Start Pulau Ubin Village
Distance 10 km
Difficulty 2/5

15. Ketam Mountain Bike Park

Ketam Mountain Bike Park map
Image: NParks

Have you heard of Pulau Ubin’s Ketam Mountain Bike Park? This is Singapore’s first-ever bike park that met the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) standards, making it a crowd-pleaser for mountain bikers and off-road adventurers. With 10 kilometres worth of trails from simple white circle runs to more complex double-black diamond terrains, there is something for everyone to suit their skill level.

Before going on any off-road trail, it’s important to be equipped with the necessary gear. Don’t forget your helmet, knee and elbow pads, and gloves — safety first!

Where Pulau Ubin
Start Ketam Mountain Bike Park
Distance 10 km
Difficulty 1/5 to 5/5

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A Family Conquers the Longest of All the Cycling Trails in Singapore

Not convinced your kids will enjoy going on cycling trails in Singapore? Check out this local expat family who went ALL THE WAY for inspiration. They conquered the 180-km Round Island Route (RIR), with two young children on their own bikes! Watch the video below or read all about it on their blog.

Indeed, besides being a social activity family and friends can enjoy together, cycling offers a variety of health benefits. For instance, cycling

  • is a low-impact physical activity, suitable for those experiencing joint concerns
  • is an aerobic exercise that improves cardiovascular function
  • improves lower body function and strengthens the leg muscles
  • reduces body fat and mass, which promotes healthy weight management
  • improves one’s mood and promotes positive mental health

Whether you’re a mountain bike enthusiast or simply enjoy leisurely rides with family, the best cycling trails in Singapore await!

Best cycling trails in Singapore - Homage infographic

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