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May 2017

Best Bike Trails for Kids in Singapore: Central, North-west, West, and South-west

Although the eastern half of Singapore has a more established recreational cycling network, there’s lots to explore on two wheels in the west as well. Here are five bike trails in the western half of the island that we’ve mapped out for families who cycle.

The cycling culture in Singapore is growing by leaps and bounds, with more people out on the Park Connectors (PC) these days. And no wonder! The existing Park Connector Network (PCN) is continually being expanded and upgraded to be more user-friendly. Soon, cycling enthusiasts will be able to circumnavigate the whole island via a 150km Round-Island Route that is set to connect leisure and heritage hubs. And come 2026 the North-South Corridor will have a dedicated cycling path so you can cycle distraction-free from Woodlands to the city as well.

It’s good news for active and eco-friendly families keen to explore the great outdoors on two wheels. But while these are still in the works, here are some trails where the kids can start practising their biking skills on now.


bike trails - boy balance bike

Here’s how to do it:

We’ve broken down the western half of Singapore in this article (check out the eastern half here), into five bike trails of varying lengths. That’s

  • 5 bike trails in western Singapore >>
  • 1 bike trail = 3 short trail segments >>
  • Each trail featuring a major park

No sweat! Well, except when you’re actually cycling, so do layer on sunscreen and stay hydrated at all times.

bike trails - pcn

With older kids: They who never run out of steam, so you can attempt an entire trail in one morning.

With younger kids: Do each segment separately so as not to scare them off cycling altogether! Toddlers will be quite happy to let daddy’s or mummy’s legs do all the work – just pop them into a child seat or trailer attached to your bike.

Tired?: There are pit-stops along the way with toilets and rest stops. It’s also a great opportunity for the kids to discover new playgrounds while taking a break from pedalling.

Note: The PCs (park connectors) may involve shared pathways and pedestrian crossings, so do remind the kids about road safety rules.

Tip: Click on the maps below for a detailed look at the routes via Google Maps. Just observe PCN etiquette, such as keeping left on cycling paths and keeping those helmets on, and remember to have lots of fun!

Bike Trail #1 – The Central Connection

bike trails - central connection

This trail starts at Toa Payoh Town Park and follows the Whampoa PC to the fork of Sungei Kallang. Continue on the Kallang PC (above) and enjoy the sights along the river all the way to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. Note that there are major upgrading works going on at the Bishan-Braddell section, so follow the PCN re-routing signs carefully. From Bishan Park, the Ang Mo Kio PC will take you to Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West.

Overall distance: About 11.8 km
bike trails - map1

Toa Payoh Town Park

bike trails - toa payoh town park

Although a product of the 70s, Toa Payoh Town Park is still popular with families who love nature. The cycling trails are paved, and follow the undulating slopes and meandering curves of the park. Take a break at a gazebo under willow trees or along the edge of the scenic pond. The central part of the 4.8-hectare park is closed for upgrading till June, so we look forward to better amenities when that’s complete.

Distance: About 0.7 km around the park
Difficulty: 2 / 5
Toilets: 2 toilets, including one at the restaurant
Water points: Outside the toilets
Car parks: 1 open-air car park near the restaurant
❌ Bike rental: No
Food: The Oasis Taiwan Porridge restaurant overlooks the pond

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

bike trails - bishan park

At over 62 hectares, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one of the largest urban parks in central Singapore. Lots of paved cycling paths meander around open lawns and grassy banks. For a break from cycling, there are plenty of rest stops and playgrounds, including a water play area (above) that’s under renovation till 31 May. In the meantime, cool off by wading at River Plains, the shallower parts of the scenic 3-km-long river that used to be a plain concrete canal!

Distance: About 3 km from one end to the other
Difficulty: 2 / 5
Toilets: 4 toilets scattered through the park
Water points: Near the toilets
Car parks: 2 open-air car parks, near both playgrounds
Bike rental: No
Food: Three restaurants, GRUB, Acacia and McDonald’s, are situated in the park

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Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

bike trails - ang mo kio west town garden

A large part of Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West may perch on a hillock that requires climbing up flights of palm tree-lined stairs, but cyclists and joggers still have plenty to keep them occupied at ground level. Many trails slope around forested areas, with a landscaped pond and large playground situated along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6. The other main attraction here, especially for families, is McDonald’s, which has a play area for littler ones on its al fresco terrace.

Distance: About 1.8 km to circle the hillock at ground level
Difficulty: 3 / 5
Toilets: 1 toilet at McDonald’s
Water points: No
Car parks: 1 open-air car park at McDonald’s
Bike rental: No
Food: A 24-hour McDonald’s within the park, as well as coffeeshops and a hawker centre across the street

Bike Trail #2 – The Northern Link

bike trails - woodlands waterfront park

Start your ride by exploring Admiralty Park, just minutes from Woodlands MRT station. After reaching the northern end of the park, make the very short hop on the Admiralty West PC to the entrance of Woodlands Waterfront Park (above). Continue westwards on the Marsiling PC, which will take you to the Woodlands Town Garden.

Overall distance: About 5 km
bike trails - map2

Admiralty Park

Begin at the southern end of Admiralty Park, which is right next to Republic Polytechnic. Many of the trails are undulating and surrounded by a diverse mix of secondary forest and mangrove habitats alongside the Sungei Cina river. Spot dragonflies, butterflies and different birds as you go through the 20-hectare nature area. Do take note that parts of the park are now undergoing a makeover, but a huge new playground at the northern end will soon make up for it, so stay tuned.

✔ Distance: About 1.6 km to cycle from one end of the park to the other
Difficulty: 3 / 5. Expect smooth but undulating bike paths and bridge crossings over the little river that runs through the park.
Toilets: 3 spaced out through the park, with 1 near the new playground
Water points: Outside the toilets
Car parks: 2 open-air car parks
❌ Bike rental: No
Food: There’s just one establishment here, the Sakura International Buffet Restaurant.

Woodlands Waterfront Park

bike trails - northern link

Just across the road is the entrance to Woodlands Waterfront Park. No, you don’t need a passport to get here, but stand on the 1.5 km waterfront promenade at Woodlands Waterfront and take in an unobstructed view of the Straits of Johor. It is wide, flat and smooth, great for the kids to race back and forth on the jetty without too many obstacles to trip them up. Or explore the scenic 11-hectare green, where kids will soon be distracted by the series of new playgrounds (still under construction now) linked by a series of cycling trails.

Distance: About 2.0 km to loop around the park and waterfront promenade jetty
Difficulty: 1 / 5
Toilets: 1 central toilet between the car park and play areas
Water points: Outside the toilet
Car parks: 1 open-air car park
❌ Bike rental: No
Food: Halal-certified local and western restaurant Rasa Istimewa on the jetty

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Woodlands Town Garden

Woodlands Town Garden is an old but beautiful park with Chinese and Malay design features. Its walking and cycling trails go around tranquil lakes. However, it’s currently completely closed off for redevelopment works. We are looking forward to its scheduled reopening at the end of the year, and will update this post accordingly.

Bike Trail #3 – The Western Adventure

bike trails - western adventure

Start off this trail at the southern end of Choa Chu Kang Park (above), a stone’s throw from Choa Chu Kang MRT station. From the northern end of the park, follow the Chua Chu Kang North PC as it crosses diagonally via pedestrian crossings over the KJE and into Limbang Park. Continue on the Chua Chu Kang North PC until it meets with Pang Sua PC. Look out for migratory birds that feed in the water and two butterfly gardens along the scenic Sungei Pang Sua canal. The Pang Sua PC passes by Junction 10 mall and Bukit Panjang Plaza before leading into Zhenghua Park.

Overall distance: About 6.3 km
bike trails - map3

Choa Chu Kang Park

bike trails - choa chu kang park

One of the most family-friendly parks around, Choa Chu Kang Park is a green space full of recreational activities. Kids and adults can cycle or jog around the 11-hectare park – there are dedicated bike and foot trails. There are two large playgrounds, one with an exciting rope climbing structure for the older kids, the other featuring cute train cars for preschoolers. There’s also a small skate plaza, lots of fitness stations, and a third smaller playground dedicated to toddlers. It’s going to be hard to get the kids back onto the bike trail!

Distance: About 1.0 km to ride through the park
Difficulty: 1 / 5, with smooth and flat trails throughout
Toilets: 2 toilets, located at each end of the park near the playgrounds. The one at the southern end also has a baby changing area.
Water points: Outside each toilet
Car parks: 1 large open-air car park in the middle of the park
Bike rental: No
Food: C2K Rasa Istimewa restaurant serves halal zichar-style food

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Limbang Park

bike trails - limbang park

Just across the street is Limbang Park. It’s not as cycle friendly as there are small steps and some paths are paved in stone, but the Chua Chu Kang PC runs along the length of it. The first thing you’ll see as you enter Limbang Park is yet another playground! It’s smaller, but with long tunnel slides from a tall tower, still looks like a lot of fun. The park also boasts a cute suspension bridge kids seem to love. There’s also a surprising find here – stone statues each depicting one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac!

Distance: Just about 0.3 km long, you’ll be through this park in a jiffy!
Difficulty: 1 / 5
Toilets: No toilets here, so make sure you go before leaving Choa Chu Kang Park
Water points: No
Car parks: No
Bike rental: No
Food: The park doesn’t have any amenities, but the Limbang shopping centre and wet market are a short walk away

Zhenghua Nature Park

For a complete change of scenery, the 17.3-hectare Zhenghua Nature Park is a haven for greenery lovers. Families can ride leisurely on paved trails along the linear park, while the more adventurous can try mountain biking at the newly opened Chestnut Nature Park that it buffers. A high biodiversity of flora and fauna can be found, from birds like the flameback woodpecker and longtailed parakeet to squirrels and macaques. There is also a sandbox adventure playground for the kiddies.

Distance: About 2.5 km from end to end
Difficulty: 2 / 5 for the paved trails
Toilets: 1 toilet near the playground
Water points: Outside the toilet
Car parks: No
Bike rental:  No
❌ Food:  No, so drop by the malls along the way to grab refreshments if needed

Bike Trail #4 – The South-western Stretch

bike trails - south-western stretch

With the Jurong Lake Gardens precinct undergoing major redevelopment, we start this trail at Pandan Reservoir. From the north-east corner, take the West Coast PC alongside West Coast Highway. You’ll come to a fork in the PC, one towards West Coast Park and the other to Clementi Woods Park. Which you visit first is up to you, as they are just a short hop from each other. Do note that the PC along the canal between the two parks is currently undergoing upgrading works as part of PUB’s ABC Waters Programme, so you may have to follow a short detour.

Overall distance: About 10 km
bike trails - map4

Pandan Reservoir

bike trails - pandan reservoir

What’s unique about the shared cycling and jogging trail at the little-hyped Pandan Reservoir is that it is raised above the ground, a track of fine gravel encircling the entire reservoir. There is a new amenities centre for canoeing, sailing and rowing, as well as viewing and fishing platforms along the West Coast Road side. Younger kids may prefer heading across the street to Teban Gardens neighbourhood park, which offers a large play area. There’s also a lovely raised viewing platform (above) which provides a great view of the Pandan Reservoir.

✔ Distance: About 6 km to go around the entire reservoir
✔ Difficulty: 2 / 5. The track is completely flat, but the gravelly surface may pose a little challenging for kids only used to paved paths and concrete surfaces.
✔ Toilets: 1 toilet at the water sports amenities centre
✔ Water points: 1 outside the toilet
✔ Car parks: 1 at the water sports amenities centre. Or park at the HDB car parks in Teban Gardens estate.
❌ Bike rental: No
❌ Food: No, but there are plenty of food options at Teban Gardens estate.

Clementi Woods Park

bike trails - clementi woods park

Cycle on red tree-lined trails meandering through peaceful Clementi Woods Park. Younger members of the family can take a break at one of the two playgrounds here, while the older ones may enjoy wandering around the floral hedges at the Green Hub. The trails can be slightly challenging in some areas as they slope uphill, but there are plenty of easier grades at ground level.

✔ Distance: 0.8 km to go through the park
✔ Difficulty: 2 / 5
✔ Toilets: 1 toilet near one of the playgrounds on a hill
Water points: 1 in the middle of the park
Car parks: 1 open-air car park near the restaurant
❌ Bike rental: No
Food: Sakura International Buffet sits atop the hill at the park

West Coast Park

bike trails - west coast park

The paved bike trails at West Coast Park run all the way through the 50-hectare linear park to Area 1 at the eastern end, which tends to be more peaceful and relaxing. While it doesn’t boast as many amenities as its East Coast cousin, the adventure play area in the middle of Area 3 comprises no fewer than eight play sets and obstacles courses! The western end also offers a unique view of the shipyards and barges on the water, as well as boardwalks overlooking the Marsh Garden, where you may spot the adorable White-breasted Waterhen. As you go through Area 2, the kids will love transferring from their bicycles to the pedal-karts available for hire at a kiosk there.

Distance: About 6km to cycle the length of the park and back
Difficulty: 1 / 5
Toilets: 3 toilets through the park, with one near the adventure play area
Water points: Outside the toilets
Car parks: 3 open-air car parks, in Areas 1, 2 and 3
Bike rental: Yes, at Area 2
Food: Just one restaurant at Area 3, but it’s every kid’s favourite McDonald’s

Bike Trail #5 – The Southern Reaches

bike trails - southern reaches

The Alexandra Canal Linear Park begins just across from Queenstown MRT station, passing by the new Skyville and Skyterrace @ Dawson estates. Continue on the Alexandra PC until Prince Charles Crescent and head south. There’s a short hop past Alexandra Primary School before it joins up with Henderson PC, which takes you right into Tiong Bahru Park. End this trail there or continue on the Henderson PC until you reach Telok Blangah Road (passing Mount Faber on the way). Head east to Vivocity and follow the boardwalk into Sentosa. Do note that the section along West Coast Highway is yet to be linked to Vivocity by PCs, but the sidewalks are adequate and well-used by cyclists and joggers heading to Sentosa.

Overall distance: About 8 km until Sentosa Gateway
bike trails - map5

Alexandra Canal Linear Park

bike trails - alexandra canal linear park

This surprising park is built above the old Alexandra canal between Commonwealth Avenue and just past Tanglin Road. It’s a flat, meandering paved path suitable for any age. Along the way, there are lots of play equipment such as trampolines. The final section just after Tanglin Road is a must-see. The kids can wade about in a decked water feature and see how the reedy wetlands help cleanse the water. The Alexandra PC picks up as the park ends and leads to Zion Road, where it joins up with the Singapore River by Great World City. Hint: It’s an alternative route worth exploring if you want to head to Boat Quay and Marina Bay!

✔ Distance: About 1.5km of smooth paved paths from end to end
✔ Difficulty: 1 / 5
❌ Toilets: None at the park itself, but you can stop in at public toilets at Skyville @ Dawson
❌ Water points: No
❌ Car parks: No, but you can park at the open-air or multi-storey car parks at Skyville @ Dawson
❌ Bike rental: No
✔ Food: An open-air food court (and supermarket) at Skyville @ Dawson

Tiong Bahru Park

bike trails - tiong bahru park

An oldie but goodie, Tiong Bahru Park is a little triangle of green with an easy cycling and jogging trail that loops through it. The playground is a hit with kids and Instagrammers alike, thanks to its trundling train design. The park also boasts lush mature trees lining the paths and overlooking a tranquil pond. A section of the park was undergoing upgrades when we visited, but should be reopening with more updated amenities in due time.

✔ Distance: About 0.6 km to loop around the park
✔ Difficulty: 1 / 5
✔ Toilets: 1 toilet near the playground
✔ Water points: Near the toilet
✔ Car parks: 1 open-air car park
❌ Bike rental: No
❌ Food: No, although Tiong Bahru Plaza is just a stone’s throw away


bike trails - sentosa

Once you’ve arrived on Sentosa ($2 admission fee per person), there are three cycling routes of varying difficulties to choose from. Route 1 is a 3.2 km flat trail recommended for family bonding, and basically connects Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong beaches. Along the way, there are lots of options for food and fun, as well as toilet and rest breaks. Route 2 measures 3.5 km and may include some bends and slopes around the Jungle and Imbiah trails. The most challenging Route 3 is a 6 km trail that involves a few long and steep slopes along Allanbrooke Road and into Sentosa Cove.

✔ Distance: About 3.2 km (these details all refer to Route 1)
✔ Difficulty: 1 / 5
✔ Toilets: 6 toilets along the beach
✔ Water points: Outside the toilets
✔ Car parks: 4 along the beach
✔ Bike rental: Yes. Look for the Gogreen kiosk on Siloso beach
✔ Food: Lots to choose from!

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bike trails - dad boys cycling

P.S. For more family-friendly bike trails, don’t forget to check out the first instalment of this two-part series that featured bike trails in the eastern half of the island. Happy cycling!

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Best Bike Trails for Kids in Singapore: Central, North-west, West, and South-west