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July 2015

Beesket Juices: Fun, Healthy & Tasty!

Beesket is a trendy and nutritious Korean born juice bar that opened its doors here in Singapore in early April. Its first outlet saw its launch at Changi City Point on the 9th of April, and its second opened at 321 Clementi recently. So what makes Beesket stand out from the crowd of beverage fads?



For starters, Beesket allows its customers complete freedom in creating their choice of juices! Your thirst cravings will not be restricted to a limited menu. Before I delve into how exactly the ordering process works, I must explain the etymology behind the name “Beesket”. It is made up of two words – “bee” and “basket”. The creative name is meant to reflect the fun involved in placing your order for a Beesket Original ($5.90 per 350ml cup) juice.

Similar to a garden of multi-coloured flowers, the Beesket counter (below) boasts a vast range of brilliant colours (which will definitely attract the kids!) in a honeycomb-like design. Each colour represents a specific fruit or vegetable. Customers, the “bees”, pick up a little basket and hover around the counter to choose their fruit or vegetable capsules and slot them into their baskets. They can then proceed to the counter!


Each of these capsules (below) contains a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip (pretty cool, huh?) that will be scanned at the counter, where the order will be automatically printed out! A score card is also printed for the customer. It reflects the amount of fibre, calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins present in their combination of juice! Beesket juices are free of additives, sugar and added flavourings. Alternatively, every cup of juice gets a spoonful of Beesket Fruit Nectar mixed in. This is a natural fruit extract made from eight different fruits – a well guarded secret! The nectar enhances the flavour of the juice and also balances out its acidity for an invigorating drink!


Currently, there are 39 fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Each order is made up of three juices – that makes for almost 5000 possible combinations of juices! Pomegranate, mulberry, broccoli, red cabbage, kale and yam are some highlightable choices. Beesket is looking to add local fruits to this wide selection soon – these include starfruit and guava!

Apart from the D.I.Y Beesket Original, you can also opt for Natural Fruit Tea, served hot, 100% Natural Blended Juice which comes cold, or 100% Natural Cold Pressed Juice which is served at room temperature. Menu choices?

Natural Fruit Tea:

Pear Ginger Tea ($5.40)
Green Grape Tea ($5.40)
Grapefruit Tea ($5.90)
Honey Lemon Tea ($4.90)

100% Natural Blended Juice:

Pinebanana: pineapple & banana ($5.40)
Berryberry: strawberry, raspberry & apple ($5.90)
Yam Honey: yam & honey ($6.40)
Berryberryberry: strawberry, blueberry & raspberry ($6.90)
Green Smoothie: broccoli & papaya ($6.90)

100% Natural Cold Pressed Juice:

Pear & Ginger ($5.40)
Kale & Green Grape ($6.40)
Carrot & Apple ($5.40)
Celery & Pineapple ($6.40)


Beesket promises a fun, delicious and nutritious experience for children and adults alike! I myself was very much taken in by the novel and colourful concept! So why not head down to Beesket with the family for some genuine juice? Beesket intends to launch three more outlets in Singapore later this year – so look forward to that! Just one trip to Beesket, and the kids will never be complaining about veggies again!


All images are courtesy of Beesket.

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Beesket Juices: Fun, Healthy & Tasty!