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February 2017

Babysitting Services in Singapore – Now You Can Finally Go on That Date!

Whether you need a long-term nanny for your child when maternity leave is over, a babysitter for an evening out, or a child-minder to accompany you places, we’ve got your babysitting needs covered.

Traditionally and in an ideal world, we’d have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins or neighbours who can help to look after our children when we’re at work or have an event to attend. Or simply need someone to keep an eye on the rascals while you take some romantic time out with your spouse.

But since we don’t all have this luxury, it helps to have trustworthy and reliable individuals whom you can outsource the job to. Many nannies in Singapore have been looking after babies and children for decades. They have years of experience standing them – and your children – in good stead. Younger babysitters may come equipped with early childhood certification, plus fresh enthusiasm to boot.


There are many resources available for you to find that perfect long-term nanny, or last minute babysitter for that work event you can’t bring baby to. Online forums can also be a useful resource for finding freelance babysitters via word-of-mouth. Try SingaporeMotherhood or Baby Carers. Below, we’ve listed 16 places and agencies that can help you in your search.

Disclaimer: The SingaporeMotherhood team has not personally vetted any of these services or the nannies on their lists, and takes no responsibility for resulting experiences, good or bad. However, given horror stories about a babysitter in Singapore who was arrested for doping toddlers with cough syrup and a man who molested a five-year-old that his niece was babysitting, we suggest screening your potential babysitter carefully.

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Here are some tips:

  • Try to schedule a meeting in person if possible, and watch how she interacts with your children. If it’s a last minute, ad-hoc arrangement, ask her to come over at least a half hour earlier. Walk her through diaper changes, feedings, where you keep supplies, etc.
  • Ask general questions like “What do you like best about babysitting?” and “What’s the best/worst experience you’ve had as a babysitter?” Request for references if relevant.
  • Ask about her experience in handling children – especially babies and toddlers, and her qualifications – is she first-aid certified? Ask her what she would do when your child disobeys, throws a tantrum or cries for mummy/daddy.
  • If your child is older, ask how she plans to keep them engaged with activities. You don’t want someone letting them watch TV all day while she chats on her phone.
  • Once all your protective mummy/daddy instincts are satisfied, discuss availability, schedules, duties and children’s meal arrangements. Ensure that you’re on the same page with every detail. For example, does she need to pick junior up after preschool or wash baby’s nappies?
  • Lay down the house rules, such as no friends allowed, no alcohol or smoking, no offensive language in front of the kids. Let her know how much time is allotted for your child’s TV/play/school work time.
  • Discuss fees, transport, meal allowances and extra charges, should there be an extension of time required. If you’re going through an agency, make sure they are upfront with their charges.
  • Remember to provide her with a list of contact numbers, emergency numbers, and directions for medication if your child is unwell, or should become unwell.

Good luck on finding your perfect nanny. If you do find that awesome one, do share in the comments section below so that other parents may benefit too!

Find Your Babysitter On Demand

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KiZroo & MaMaroo – Temporarily unavailable until further notice

A babysitting centre located within Tanglin Shopping Centre, KiZroo & MaMaroo is popular with expat and local parents. It links you up with well-trained Singaporean babysitters who will take care of your kids at your home. They can also accompany you and your kids to doctors’ appointments or on shopping sprees. It also offers babysitting at their centre on request, with Japanese babysitters available on-site as well. Fees start from $20 per hour per child, for a minimum of three hours. A $20 one-time registration fee applies. For more details, visit or call 6736 1636.

The Roaming Babysitter

Eva Mohd is a young local Muslim mother who loves babies and children, and will travel to your home to babysit (unless you have dogs). She’s built up quite a reputation among local and expat parents. In fact, she is currently booked for full-time nanny services with a family till March 2018. However, she is open to taking ad-hoc babysitting and urgent assignments. Her rates start at $15 per hour for a minimum of two hours, and drop to $10 per hour for eight hours and up to a full day. Visit her blog at or email [email protected].

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Search App-based or Online Marketplaces

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Find a Nanny

Another popular online marketplace is Find a Nanny. It’s much like a Gumtree-type platform, except that it specialises in just nannies and babysitters. Browsing nanny profiles is free, but you have to upgrade your free account to view contact details. Similarly, you can post your ‘nanny wanted’ ad for free, and potential nannies have to upgrade their accounts to view your contact details. This protects both parties from unwanted spam and scams. A unique feature at is the Nanny Map, which allows users to narrow down nannies and families by location.

Nannies on Wheels

A social enterprise, Nannies on Wheels provides on-demand nanny services, with the well-being of your child being the key requisite. In fact, beyond just babysitting, educarers bring age-appropriate materials to your place and engage your child in meaningful activities. For longer-term services, you will receive progress reports on your child’s development. As the beta version of the website just launched in December 2016, you will receive a complementary credit to use towards viewing the detailed profile of your chosen educarer. Then email [email protected] or call 9620 5724 to check their availability. Once the website is fully automated, you will be able to browse and book educarers using affordably priced credits. Visit to learn more.

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Let Babysitting Agencies Help

A-Team Amahs & Cleaners

While most babysitting agencies do not provide housekeeping services unless they pertain directly to baby, A-Team Amahs & Cleaners covers it all. You can book a nanny on a full-time or part-time basis, who will come to your home and take care of your child. Fees vary depending on working days, hours and duties, but start at $1,800 per month or from $15 per hour, at a minimum of four hours per session. At the same time, A-Team also offers part-time cleaners, house sitters and even pet sitters. Visit or call 6100 6131 to find out more.

Babysitters Singapore

One of the longest running babysitting agencies in Singapore, Babysitters Singapore is fully licensed by MOM and has grown an extensive database of experienced babysitters since 1998. All babysitters are screened by the agency, which will then provide two to three ideal matches for your selection. Monthly fees for babysitting at the nanny’s home start from $750. To have the babysitter come to your home, monthly fees start from $1,800, $15-$18 per hour on a regular part-time basis, or $25 per hour for those times when you need someone to keep an eye on your kid. Visit or call Evon at 9487 5408.


An independent registered company that helps parents in search of a babysitter, nanny, or house sitter in Singapore, BBnanny places the emphasis on family values. Boasting a bio-data database of thousands of potential caregivers for your child, fees range from $750 to $2,500 per month. Babysitters with certification in early childhood will incur an additional $100 in fees. Ad-hoc and part-time services are also available upon request, with a minimum of four hours per session. Visit or call 9747 2405 for a quotation.


Specialising in providing babysitting, confinement nanny, part-time maid and various cleaning services, DomesticOne is an MOM-licensed agency. It issues full service agreements with replacement policies in place. Full-time babysitting at your home starts from $2,000 per month. Ongoing part-time babysitting starts at $18 per hour, for a minimum of four hours per session. Ad-hoc services go for $180 for the first four hours, and $30 for each additional hour. Visit to book your babysitter or call their hotline at 6100 2388.

Happy Home Domestic Cleaning Services

Other than home cleaning services, Happy Home also has a trusted group of babysitters with the relevant expertise and experience to take care of your child at your home when you can’t be there. They perform duties ranging from watching over a sleeping child to playing games, preparing meals and teaching them to read. Full-day services start at $1,800 per month, ongoing part-time services range from $17 to $20 per hour, while ad-hoc services are $18 to $26 per hour, for a minimum of four hours per session. Visit or call 6100 9833 for enquiries.

Hyperlink Services

Another MOM-licensed employment agency, Hyperlink Services aims to be a one-stop solution for your family’s helper needs. Services include babysitters, confinement nannies, full-time foreign domestic helpers, part-time local helpers and laundry services. It promises babysitters with a clean medical record and years of experience. Place your child at the nanny’s home from $650 monthly, or have them come to yours from $1,000 and up. The nannies will even engage your children in mentally stimulating activities using educational flash cards and help them develop fine motor skills through play. Visit or call 6836 6471 (Tanglin Shopping Centre), 6259 0213 (Toa Payoh) or 6250 3423 (Novena).

Just Us Childcare & Eldercare Services

With more than 15 years of experience, Just Us Childcare & Eldercare Services offers a full range of childcare options provided on an ad-hoc, temporary or permanent basis. The MOM-licensed agency will match you with qualified Singaporeans or Malaysian PRs to suit your needs. These range from professional nannies taking care of your children at your home or theirs, registered baby nurses, on-call babysitters, confinement, overseas holiday or special needs nannies, and childcare teachers or governesses. Visit or call 6299 4993 to find yours.


An employment agency licensed by MOM, NannyPro is qualified to place confinement nannies, childcare nannies and even foreign domestic helpers to best suit your needs. They ensure that the nanny assigned lives in your neighbourhood or near your workplace for convenience. The nanny is also to care for your child exclusively. Alternatively, the nanny can come to your home. If you are not satisfied with your assigned nanny, you can request for a replacement within the first month at no additional cost. Visit or call 6100 6642 for enquiries.


An MOM-licensed agency established in 2011, NannySOS is most known for confinement nanny services, but also provides long-term nannies for working parents and ad-hoc babysitters for those last-minute needs. The nanny or babysitter can come to you, or look after your child at their home. If your child is at infant care or childcare, the nanny can also help pick your child up. Ad-hoc babysitting fees start at $20 per hour per child, while long-term monthly rates range from $750 to $3,950. Visit or call 9735 9376 for more.

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Babysitting Services in Singapore – Now You Can Finally Go on That Date!