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26 Happy Hiking Trails in Singapore for All Ages

In a bustling urban jungle like Singapore, who would have thought that we’d have an abundance of nature treks and hiking trails right here on our shores? We aren’t called the Garden City for nothing, after all! Apart from being a fun way to discover hidden gems in our city-state, exploring hiking trails in Singapore is also a great form of exercise.

Combined with the richness of the great outdoors, this simple activity offers a host of health benefits for all. This includes improving cardiovascular health, boosting bone density, lowering the risk of heart disease, improving balance and core strength, and even reducing stress. You might even meet a sweet sambar deer or two!

With the abundance of happy hiking trails in Singapore, it can be a challenge to know where to start. But we’ve got you covered. From east to west and north to south, here are 26 of the best hiking trails in Singapore to explore. Ready to become a trailblazing family? Get set, go!


1. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Standing at 164 metres above ground level, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is Singapore’s highest peak. It is also a favourite among novice and experienced hikers. Its diverse ecosystem is home to an abundance of animal and insect species, native flora and fauna, as well as unique tree species. The hill also holds historical significance as the final stronghold of the British military during the Japanese invasion of World War II. With four walking trails to choose from, visitors are spoilt for choice here.

Where Hindhede Drive
Entry point Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre
Trail length 1.2 km
Difficulty level 2/5

2. Hindhede Nature Park

hiking trails in Singapore - Hindhede Nature Park

For those looking for a more leisurely trail, Hindhede Nature Park is a great place to start. Located just beside Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, it features easy trails and distinct footpaths that are perfect for families with children and elderly, and beginner hikers. At the end of the trail, visitors are greeted by the picturesque Hindhede Quarry, which is ideal for family photos. Don’t miss the chance to do some wildlife watching and keep your eyes peeled for inhabitants like the plantain squirrel and the banded woodpecker. 

Where Hindhede Drive (Upper Bukit Timah Road) 
Entry point Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre
Trail length 90 metres 
Difficulty level 1/5

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3. Chestnut Nature Park

Stretching across 81 hectares, Chestnut Nature Park is Singapore’s largest nature park to date. Depending on your preferred difficulty level, the park offers two different trails for you to choose from — the Northern and Southern Loop. The Northern Loop is ideal for those looking for an easier walk with a flatter trail and fewer slopes, while the Southern Loop is slightly more challenging with winding slopes and steeper terrain. Regardless of which trail you take, all visitors can enjoy the same densely forested surroundings and lush greenery throughout the hike.

Where Chestnut Avenue
Entry point Bangkit Road
Trail length 2.1 km (Southern Loop) & 3.5 km (Northern Loop)
Difficulty level 3/5

4. The Green Corridor

hiking trails in Singapore - Green Corridor

What was once a railway track connecting Singapore and Malaysia is now a hiking trail for trekkers in the West. Surrounded by grasslands, marshes, and endless stretches of greenery, it is no wonder why this repurposed trail is called the Green Corridor. While the terrain can be rather rocky and rugged, the taste of history and tranquility it brings makes the journey worthwhile. The entire trek runs through Kranji, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Tanglin, and Alexandra. However, with multiple entry/exit points, you can tailor your trail according to your abilities.

Where Upper Bukit Timah Bridge
Entry points Including Truss Bridge, Upper Bukit Timah Bridge, Hindhede Bridge and Underpass, Bukit Timah Railway Station
Trail length Up to 24 km
Difficulty level 3/5

5. Clementi Forest

Up until October last year, this untouched beauty had been relatively unknown to the general public. Until netizen Brice Li shared stunning footage of Clementi Forest on social media. Since then, it has captured the attention of many local hikers and nature lovers. Spanning an area of 85 hectares, the forest looks like something fresh out of a nature documentary, with its freshwater streams, misty foliage, lush vegetation, and towering trees. With no official trails here, this hike is best suited for experienced hikers or bigger groups.

Where Bounded by King Albert Park, Clementi Road, and Old Holland-Ulu Pandan Road
Entry point Clementi Road
Trail length 4 to 5 km
Difficulty level 4/5

6. Dairy Farm Nature Park

hiking trails in Singapore - Dairy Farm Nature Park

For those looking for a more rugged and jungle-like hiking experience, the Dairy Farm Nature Park is just the place. Although the park is mostly frequented by mountain bikers thanks to its biking trails, the Wallace Trail is traversable by foot. With the trail being generally flat and paved with jungle tracks and pathways, this hiking trail is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where 100 Dairy Farm Road
Entry point Dairy Farm Road
Trail length 2.2 km
Difficulty level 3/5

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7. Bukit Batok Nature Park

To wrap up the Western Adventure Loop, beginners can enjoy a laidback hike at Bukit Batok Nature Park. Some of the park’s most attractive highlights include wildlife sightings like monitor lizards and native birds. The Bukit Batok Memorial Site located at the top of the hill also offers a history lesson. After overcoming countless flights of stairs and winding footpaths, the stunning view of the quarry is your reward.

Where Corner of Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 & 6
Entry points Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, Lorong Sesuai, Hillview Park Connector
Trail length Less than 4 km
Difficulty level 1/5

8. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

From riverine species and shorebirds to lush forests, this ASEAN Heritage Site is teeming with life at every turn. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is Singapore’s first wetland reserve and a fantastic place for wildlife watching all year round. With over 200 species of birds, 100 species of fish, and over 500 species of tropical flora and fauna, hiking through the park will be a sure treat for all nature lovers.

Where 60 Kranji Way
Entry point Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Wetland Centre
Trail length Up to 3 km
Difficulty level 1/5

9. Kranji Marshes

Spanning over 56 hectares of land is Singapore’s largest freshwater marshland. The Kranji Marshes is home to a vast range of green habitats and a myriad of bird and butterfly species, making it a great hiking destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. For a bird’s-eye view of the marsh, make your way up to the Raptor Tower and bask in the insane view from 10 metres up. While visitors are free to explore the area on their own, NParks organises monthly guided walks that give visitors a closer look at the conservation area that’s closed to the public.

Where 11 Neo Tiew Lane 2
Entry point Kranji Gate
Trail length 1 km (for area open to the public) & 3 km (for conservation area guided tour)
Difficulty level 1/5

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10. Coast-to-Coast (C2C) Trail

Stretching from Jurong Lake Gardens in the west to Coney Island Park in the north-east, this trail is not for the faint-hearted. This curated 36 km trail will literally take you from coast to coast, with a total of 10 checkpoints, 11 park connectors, and 18 parks and nature reserves in between. If you have an entire day to spare and are up for the challenge, this trail was made for you. To plan your route more efficiently, download the Coast-to-Coast mobile app to enjoy an interactive trekking experience.

Where Jurong Lake Gardens to Coney Island Park
Entry point Jurong Lake Gardens
Trail length 36 km
Difficulty level 5/5


11. Coney Island Park

Coney Island Park

Unlike other nature parks in the country that are far more developed, Coney Island Park boasts a rustic hiking experience for its visitors. On the flip side, it is rather flat. Wildlife enthusiasts may want to bring a camera on the hike as you are likely to come across unique migratory birds, rare plant species, and a plethora of habitats from grassland to mangrove swamp. Bring plenty of water as there are few amenities along the way.

Where 900 Punggol Road
Entry point Coney Island Park West Entrance
Trail length 2.5 km
Difficulty level 1/5

12. Tampines Eco Green

Tucked away in the Tampines enclave is the eco-friendly park Tampines Eco Green. A nature haven for a variety of recreational activities, visitors can explore three beginner-friendly walking trails and discover different species of flora and fauna, as well as various natural habitats. As part of its ecologically conscious efforts, most of the park’s structures are made from recyclable materials and environmentally friendly products like their eco toilets and green shelter roofs.

Where Tampines Avenue 9
Entry point Tampines Eco Green Park Entrance
Trail length 3 km
Difficulty level 1/5

13. Pulau Ubin

hiking trails in Singapore - Pulau Ubin

As one of Singapore’s last remaining villages or kampungs, Pulau Ubin is filled with a great deal of historical significance as well as natural sights. While most people visit the island for its cycling trails, there are also various hiking trails to choose from. At Chek Jawa Wetlands, prepare to trek through six unique ecosystems including the mangrove and coastal forest area. For a unique view, the short hike to Puaka Hill overlooks the Ubin Quarry and provides breathtaking views of Malaysia and the Johor Strait.

Where Pulau Ubin
Entry point Pulau Ubin Ferry Terminal
Trail length Varies
Difficulty level 2/5

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14. Changi East Boardwalk

If a scenic trek along the coast is more up your alley, make your way to Changi East Boardwalk. While this trail isn’t so much a hike in itself, it is a great destination for families to enjoy a relaxing stroll by the beach. With six checkpoints in total, the trail starts from Creek Walk in the east, all the way to Sunset Walk near Changi Beach Club. Soak up the natural ambience of the trail, where flora and fauna have been well integrated into the boardwalk’s design.

Where 7A Gosport Road
Entry point Creek Walk
Trail length 2.2 km
Difficulty level 1/5


15. Northern Explorer Loop

hiking trails in Singapore - woodlands waterfront park

The Northern Explorer Loop is an 11 km trail that takes you through six park connectors in the north with a variety of terrains. Starting at Lower Seletar Park, this trail brings you through Mandai Park Connector, Ulu Sembawang Park Connector, Woodlands (SLE) Park Connector, Admiralty Park, and ultimately ends at Woodlands Waterfront. You will pass by playgrounds, water bodies, and other attractions, making it great as a family activity.

Where Heartlands of Woodlands, Sembawang & Yishun
Entry point Lower Seletar Reservoir Park
Trail length Up to 11 km
Difficulty level 2/5

16. Mandai T15 Trail

The Mandai T15 Trail, also known as the Gangsa Trail, is a 7.1 km point-to-point trail within the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and takes you around Mandai Lake. Besides the beautiful flora and fauna which includes the sambar deer, macaque, and oriental whip snake, you should also keep an eye out for the popular Fallen Trunk along the reservoir! However, do be mindful of others when hiking as the track is shared among hikers and cyclists.

Where Central Catchment Nature Reserve
Entry point Central Catchment Park Connector Entrance
Trail length 7.1 km
Difficulty level 2/5

17. Thomson Nature Park

Thomson Nature Park, NParks
Image: NParks Facebook

With five easy trails stretching 3.8 km, Thomson Nature Park is another excellent spot for beginners. What makes this park unique from its counterparts is how it used to be a former Hainan Village back in the day. On the Ruins and Figs trail, visitors can get a rare glimpse of the conserved ruins, while the standalone Rambutan Trail takes you around an old rambutan plantation from the 1930s.

Where Upper Thomson Road
Entry point Thomson Nature Park Main Entrance
Trail length 3.8 km
Difficulty level 2/5

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18. Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

Did you know? Singapore’s heartlands are also home to some of the most tranquil hiking trails. Upper Peirce Reservoir Park offers lakeside views and easy trails that are great for those looking for a relaxing stroll and less vigorous hike. Just like most nature parks in the northern region, you might get the chance to see local inhabitants like the long-tailed macaque if you’re lucky!

Where Along Old Upper Thomson Road
Entry point Casuarina Entrance
Trail length 3.3 km
Difficulty level 1/5

19. Lower Peirce Reservoir Park

Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, NParks
Image: NParks Facebook

As you continue your hike from Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, you’ll find yourself at Lower Peirce Reservoir Park. In comparison, this hiking trail runs along the edge of the reservoir, which gives hikers a chance to come across some friendly and gentle creatures. Beyond the thrilling encounter with wildlife, the 900-metre boardwalk is truly the star of the trail as it leads you through the charming views that the park has to offer.

Where Along Old Upper Thomson Road
Entry points Lower Peirce Entrance, Casuarina Entrance , Jacaranda Entrance
Trail length 900 m
Difficulty level 1/5


20. Windsor Nature Park

One of the lesser-known nature parks in Singapore, Windsor Nature Park still retains the untouched splendour that most of its developed counterparts lack. Along the park’s trails, you’ll find boardwalks, cobblestones, lush forests, and freshwater streams at every turn. Visitors should try out their two most popular trails. The Hanguana Trail lets you discover different species of wildlife and fruit trees, while the Drongo Trail features a sub-canopy walk for visitors to walk the greenery beneath the forest floor.

Where 30 Venus Drive
Entry point Windsor Nature Park Entrance
Trail length Up to 2.2 km
Difficulty level 1/5

21. MacRitchie Reservoir Park

hiking trails in Singapore - MacRitchie Reservoir Park

As Singapore’s oldest nature park, MacRitchie Reservoir Park has been a coveted hiking spot among locals and tourists alike for many years. Visitors are spoiled for choice with the various trails available — from boardwalk hikes for those with children and elderly family members, and treks that go as long as 11 km for ambitious hikers. Good news! The Treetop Walk attraction that has been closed for a whole year for maintenance is now open to the public again.

Where MacRitchie Reservoir Park
Entry point MacRitchie Reservoir Park Main Entrance
Trail length Up to 11 km
Difficulty level 2/5

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22. Fort Canning Park

Nestled within central Singapore and accessible by various MRT stations, it’s hard to miss Fort Canning Park. While most people know that park as a sought-after venue for music festivals and countless other art events, Fort Canning is also home to a variety of hiking trails — eight, to be exact. It also offers historical value for its role during WWII, bunker and all. Despite its altitude of 48 m, the well-paved steps combined with helpful trail guides will allow visitors to easily traverse the hill at their own pace.

Where River Valley Road
Entry points Fort Canning MRT Station & Bras Basah MRT Station
Trail length 2.5 km
Difficulty level 2/5


23. Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber Park, One Faber Group
Image: One Faber Group

Formerly known as Telok Blangah Hill, Mount Faber Park is a hotspot for both tourists and locals. Considering its proximity to Harbourfront and Sentosa, the trails have been revamped and updated over the years to cater to the increasing number of visitors each year. With that, the trails are easily traversable and suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Besides its hiking trails, visitors can enjoy scenic views of Sentosa Island from various lookouts. You can even skip the hike altogether and take a cable car to the summit.

Where Junction of Kampong Bahru Road & Telok Blangah Road
Entry point Mount Faber Park Entrance
Trail length 3 km
Difficulty level 2/5

24. Labrador Nature Reserve

The boardwalk trail along Labrador Nature Reserve is one of the most picturesque seaside trails you’ll find in the south. On top of that, the park is home to the only rocky sea-cliff on Singapore’s main island that remains accessible to the public. Not only is this paved and forested trail an ideal spot for nature lovers, but also for those with a penchant for historical sites. Here you’ll see genuine war relics including machine-gun posts and artillery pieces that date back to WWII.

Where Labrador Villa Road
Entry point Berlayer Creek
Trail length 2.1 km
Difficulty level 1/5

25. The Southern Ridges

hiking trails in Singapore - Southern Ridges

Stretching across 10 km of green, the Southern Ridges connects five different parks in the southern region of Singapore, from Kent Ridge Park to Mount Faber Park. This highly developed trail includes Insta-worthy attractions such as the iconic Henderson Waves and the elevated Forest Walk, which is a crowd favourite for bird-watching. Be sure to take occasional breaks to capture that customary shot!

Where The Southern Ridges
Entry point Telok Blangah Hill Park
Trail length 10 km
Difficulty level 4/5

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26. Imbiah Trail

Besides sparkling beaches and luxurious resorts, Sentosa is also home to the Imbiah Trail, a tranquil path surrounded by lush greenery and over 80 different species of birds. If you really needed another excuse to head to the island of fun, there you go!

Where Sentosa Island
Entry point Sentosa Nature Discovery Gallery
Trail length 3.5 km
Difficulty level 1/5


Pulau Ubin

Whether you are young or young at heart, hiking is excellent for fitness and family bonding. Just remember to dress appropriately, equip yourself with the right footwear, and pack sunscreen, insect repellent, and plenty of water. Before you embark on your journey, also research your route and do plenty of stretches. Safe hiking, everyone!

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Featured image: Screenshot of video by Brice Li

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