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15 Old School Games to Play with Your Grandparents

Family Fun

Playing games isn’t just for children. Games have the ability to engage the elderly and create a sense of fun for them in the same way...

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“How are the Children?” (now that it’s been two years of COVID)


Alexander Lim (not his real name) has had two birthdays in lockdown. The 12-year-old has been resilient, trying to focus on the positives....

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Baby Sign Language: Why Every Parent Should Learn It and How to Start

Baby & Toddler

Just imagine if your baby could tell you they are hungry, thirsty, tired, or what they are thinking…. All before they can even speak. Cue...

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Breast Cancer Screening: What Really Happens during Your Mammogram?


According to a comprehensive report of breast cancer statistics in Singapore, 1 in 16 Singaporean women will be diagnosed with breast...

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[GIVEAWAY] FREE Baby Express Breast Pumps and Travel Pouch sets!

Baby & Toddler, Pregnancy

When you are a mother, it can seem as if there are never enough hours in a day to do all the things you need to do. If you are a new mum,...

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4 Ways you can Empower Your Daughters

Parenting, Preschooler & Up

As a child growing up, I suffered from low self-esteem and had very little confidence. I would constantly compare myself with my peers in...

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First 1,000 Days of a Child’s Life – Fathers, It’s Your Time to Step Up

Baby & Toddler, Parenting

Among the myriad challenges that a man might potentially face throughout his life, being a father may very well be the most difficult of...

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Trying To Conceive? Do these 5 Things before seeing a Fertility Doctor


This article was medically reviewed by Michael L. Eisenberg, M.D (M.D., Director of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. Associate...

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