Author: Christy Muliana

Doula: Give Birth Comfortably with a Friend

Pregnancy • One Comment

It was one in the morning. Something happened while she was dreaming. She was all wet. But it was still two weeks before her baby’s due...

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Being a Parent: Often Misunderstood, but Always Meaningful

Parenting • One Comment

This morning, I walked into a deserted fast-food restaurant for breakfast. Pretty quickly I noticed the cleaner, a young well-built male,...

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Newborn Baby Care Basics

Baby & Toddler • One Comment

It’s true, babies don’t come with instruction booklets. When you’re still in the hospital, glowing (or groaning) from the aftermath...

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Confinement: Reconditioning Yourself After Pregnancy

Parenting • 6 Comments

The first 30 to forty days after you give birth is the period where you are confined to a certain regimen comprised of nutritious diet,...

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