Author: Christy Muliana

“There is no norm to follow” says this mum about the GEP (Gifted Education Programme)

Preschooler & Up

Eight to nine-year-olds in Singapore undergo their first education milestone when they wear a sorting hat called the GEP screening in...

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PSLE Revision: 9 Easy Ways to Help Your Child with Last-Minute Mugging

Preschooler & Up

P-S-L-E. These four letters strike panic in the hearts of parents while their kids stay sanguine, enviably relaxed and oblivious (or is it...

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Cheapest Baby Diapers in Singapore 2020 – We Got It Covered!

Baby & Toddler • 2 Comments

True fact: in the first year alone, a baby can go through up to 2,500 diapers. That’s a lot of money drowned in pee and poop! If you are...

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10 Things to do Before your Baby is Born


If you are a first-time mum, awaiting the arrival of your baby can be exhilarating, and sometimes, scary. Every single day brings a brand...

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May School Holidays 2020: Cool stay-at-home Activities your Kids can do

Family Fun, Preschooler & Up

The mid-year school holidays in May? Who’d have thought this would happen? But unprecedented circumstances thanks to the COVID-19...

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March School Holidays 2020: Great Fun for Kids Indoors and Out!

Family Fun

Perhaps you’ve been keeping your little ones at home after school and on weekends because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Come mid-March...

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10 Things To Do after your Baby is Born

Baby & Toddler, Parenting

Congratulations! As a first-time mum, you have been looking forward eagerly to your little one’s birth. Now, Baby is born and when you...

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10 Nosy #NoFilter Questions we’ve been asked during CNY Visits (and how to answer some of them)

Family Fun, Parenting

The Lunar New Year is a time for feasting, family fun, and… interrogation? Well that’s what it can seem like, especially when relations...

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