Author: Adora Tan-Richer

Will Chinese New Year Traditions End With My Generation?


Do you follow Chinese New Year traditions to the letter? Or are CNY traditions a hassle to follow in this time and age? One more day till...

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8 Educational Indoor Playgrounds where Kids can Learn Through Play

Baby & Toddler, Family Fun, Preschooler & Up

Learning that takes place through play not only requires little effort, it is also unquestionably fun. We curate a list of educational...

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10 Kid-Friendly Activities to Enjoy During PSLE Marking Week 2017

Family Fun, Preschooler & Up

Another holiday, you ask? Oh yes. Due to the PSLE marking week, children attending local schools in Singapore have yet another holiday to...

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There’s No Escaping Mummy Guilt No Matter What Type of Mum You Are!

Parenting • 6 Comments

“Am I a bad mum?” Whether you a stay at home mum, a full time working mum, a mum who works part time, or a mum who works from...

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Giving Birth? What should you pack in your Hospital Delivery Bag?


In preparation for giving birth to my first child, I packed practically everything but the kitchen sink to bring to the hospital with me...

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10 Postnatal Essentials – The Totally Unglam(orous) Edition!

Parenting • 2 Comments

As you cradle your newborn to your chest, look into her eyes and gently kiss her cheek, a wave of amazement will fill you. This tiny...

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I am Not in my Child’s Class Whatsapp Group. Here’s why.

Parenting • 9 Comments

One day when my daughter was in kindergarten, she came home and very excitedly announced that she had some really awesome news to share....

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8 Tips to Survive a Multi-generation Holiday with the Family

Family Fun

The wonderful thing about travelling with family is that there are always extra eyes and hands to help you out with the kids, both during...

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