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20 Housecall Services in Singapore Every Mum Should Know About

Working hard is good, but knowing how to work smart while getting more done is way better! These housecall services can truly be a lifesaver for busy mums

Here’s the thing: being a mum and a wife in 2018 is no joke. You’re expected to stay on top of your career, make sure your kids get fed with nutritionally balanced meals (plus aren’t talking to paedophiles who prey on children online), spend quality time with your husband and keep up with your workout routine, all at the same time. Not even Wonder Woman herself would be able to juggle all these hats concurrently – so here’s a handy list of housecall services to the rescue!


We would still go to the store to pick up perishables such as fruit. But as a general rule of thumb, you should definitely get all your non-perishable items delivered. Here’s how we look at it: why huff and puff your way home with bulky items such as toilet paper, when you can get it sent to your doorstep?

1. Honestbee

When it comes to variety and convenience, Honestbee is the obvious winner. Other than getting your groceries from FairPrice (or FairPrice Finest), Honestbee also curates various speciality supermarkets and grocers (such as Emporium Shokuhin and Le Petit Depot) which you can order from.
The best part? You can receive your groceries as quickly as one hour after you place your order, which is great for when you’re caught in a pinch and need certain items immediately. Plus, off-peak delivery (off-peak time slots vary from day to day) is free when you reach a store’s minimum spend ($50 for FairPrice, for example).

Web www.honestbee.sg

2. RedMart

Similar to Honestbee, RedMart offers a huge selection of products; they even have a Price Match Guarantee. In other words, if you find an identical product selling for less on a competitor’s online store, they’ll pay you two times the difference. What we don’t love about RedMart? They’ve recently changed their delivery pricing to motivate more shoppers to join as LiveUp members. If you’re a member, delivery is free for orders above $40, but if you’re not a member, you’ll need to spend $100 to qualify for free delivery.

Web www.redmart.com

3. FairPrice Online

What we like about FairPrice’s online store is how easy it is to filter products by dietary requirements (Halal, vegetarian, organic, gluten-free). On the delivery front, though, FairPrice does fall short by a bit – they don’t offer same day delivery. Still, all orders are delivered on the next working day, so just be sure to plan a little ahead of time.

Web www.fairprice.com.sg

4. Cold Storage

Cold Storage’s online store comes with a Recipes section for inspiration, which is great if you’re a home cook who likes experimenting in the kitchen. Like FairPrice, though, they’re not the strongest in terms of delivery. Depending on what time you order, your items will either reach you the next working day, or the working day after that.

Web www.coldstorage.com.sg

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housecall services - massagePhoto by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Whether you’re a tired mum-to-be, exhausted new mummy or would simply like to enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home, one of these should do the trick. It also means you don’t need a babysitter and dads are welcome too. Time to work those kinks out!

5. The Outcall Spa

For mummies-to-be, The Outcall Spa offers prenatal massages designed to ease all the back pains and aches you’re facing. If you’ve recently given birth, postnatal massages help to tone stomach muscles, and expel wind from the tummy. They also offer a CelluSlim treatment to help you regain your perfect figure. Or how about including the hubby in a romantic couples massage? Besides the massage bed, towels, oils, music and soft spa lighting, The Outcall Spa also brings with them decades of proven massage skills.

Web www.theoutcallspa.com

6. Aleyda Mobile Spa

This popular mobile spa comes complete with ergonomic massage equipment, fresh linen, spa music and expert therapists. Treatments include Swedish, Shiatsu, deep tissue and prenatal massages, as well as foot reflexology and aromatherapy. They also organise bespoke spa parties for ladies and even for girls aged seven to 16 years. If you plan to book regular massages, consider signing up for a membership plan for more savings.

Web www.aleyda.com.sg

7. Gamsa Birth

Syahirah from Gamsa Birth is a WSQ-certified Swedish massage and postnatal massage therapist. Her services run the gamut from prenatal EO massage to postnatal jamu massage. She can also assist with infant massage, teaching new mums how to bathe and massage their newborn. Also a certified birth and postpartum doula, she provides doula support and even supplies postpartum tingkat meals!

Web https://www.instagram.com/gamsabirth/

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housecall services - makeup brushesPhoto by freestocks.org on Unsplash

You’re busy running errands, fetching the kids home from school, then preparing their dinner. Gasp! It’s almost time to head out for that company dinner, wedding feast or even long-awaited special date with the hubby − and you’re not close to ready! Well, if you had just booked one of these grooming and beauty services…

8. Princess Wedding Services 

Apart from doing (obviously!) wedding makeup, Jerlyn and the rest of the team at Princess Wedding Services also do makeup and hairstyling for D&Ds and other events. The folks behind Princess Wedding Services have been in this industry for a whopping 17 years and counting, so they definitely have a ton of expertise in this field. Let them prep you for that night out.

Web https://www.facebook.com/PrincessWeddingServices/

9. Riva Weng Studio

Riva Weng, who’s a certified OUNI Korean semi-permanent makeup artist from Taiwan, does housecall makeup for all kinds of occasions. She even does micro-pigmentation treatments and hair-styling. Her speciality is Korean-style makeup which enhances the wearer’s complexion and gives them flawless, glowing skin. Now you too can look like a K-drama star!

Web www.rivawengstudio.com

10. The Organic Room

Flare Wellness specialises in bespoke organic beauty treatments. Facials, foot soaks, hair treatments, ear candling and waxing – they do it all. They also promise that there will be no painful extractions, harsh chemicals or invasive machines. If you need to make an emergency booking, they even have a 24-hour hotline. Simply WhatsApp or SMS them at 8808 4786 to make an appointment.

Web www.theorganicroom.sg

11. Starry Beaute 

Want to beautify your lashes or brows? Janice from Starry Beaute offers a range of lash and brow services, from Keratin lash lifts with perms to Korean brow embroidery. Check out the reviews on the website, where you’ll find plenty of glowing testimonials from past clients. By the way, it’s not stated clearly on the website, but Janice does do housecalls for just $20 more!

Web https://www.instagram.com/starrybeaute/

12. D’Nails Cafe

D’Nails Cafe offers normal and gelish manicures and pedicures, as well as nail art and even nail extension services. While their salon is located at Maysprings condominium in the Bukit Panjang area, they also offer housecall services.

Web www.facebook.com/DNailsCafe

13. L’Amour Cottage

This home-based nail salon is exceptionally popular. How popular, you ask? Well, those in the know book up to three months in advance to reserve a slot ahead of Chinese New Year! Request for a housecall, and watch as Wendy works her magic on your nails. She specialises in gelish manicures and nail art.

Web www.facebook.com/lamourcottage

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Every busy mum needs more help. Whether you’re looking to engage a part-time cleaner who drops by to wash and mop weekly or just need extra help deep-cleaning on occasion, now you can just book online or via an app, and wait for the doorbell to ring. Some even offer babysitting and cooking services!

14. Fuss

Cleaning your home doesn’t get any more fuss-free than with Fuss. The model is straightforward and simple. Book a cleaner, pay online, and your cleaner will turn up at your specified date and time. The icing on the cake: you’re only paying a flat rate of $25 per hour (for one-off bookings) or $22 per hour (for recurring bookings), with no surcharges on evenings or weekends.

Web www.fuss.sg

15. Helpling

If you’re the type who errs on the side of caution, you’ll appreciate all that Helpling does to ensure its customers a good experience. For one thing, they only hire Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents, so you can have peace of mind that your part-time cleaner isn’t working illegally. On top of that, they also back every cleaner with a $1 million public liability insurance policy.

Web www.helpling.com.sg

16. Sendhelper

Apart from domestic cleaning staff, Sendhelper also has a pool of personal chefs who will purchase ingredients and cook a meal for you. The best part? They’ll clean up your kitchen after they’re done! You can also book professional caregivers who are experienced in taking care of the elderly.

Web www.sendhelper.com

17. HelperGo

If there were ever a Jack-of-all-trades, HelperGo (previously AgentBong) would be it. They do regular cleaning, office cleaning, renovation cleaning, cooking, elderly care and even babysitting. What’s cool is that you get to see the profile of each helper, with their average job rating, number of completed jobs and number of hours worked clearly displayed. It’s said that HelperGo’s system even automatically bans helpers whose job ratings slip below 4/5.

Web sg.helpergo.co

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flu - boy fever patch

Then there are those moments when your sick kid has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, and it’s 2am in the morning. But you’re not sure if it really requires a trip to the A&E. Keep these numbers on hand and you’ll be able to get a doctor to make a housecall.

18. Trinity Housecall

Trinity Housecall’s fees typically range from $250 to $450. Should you have a problem that needs to be attended to urgently, they will be able to send a doctor within the hour. They’re on call 24 hours a day and will travel islandwide.

Hotline 8223 4999
Web www.housecalldoctor.com.sg

19. Raffles Medical Group

Simply call Raffles Medical Group’s hotline and provide details such as your chief medical complaint, level of consciousness, breathing difficulties or bleeding situation (if any), and history of drug allergy. After a quick assessment, they’ll dispatch a doctor to attend to you.

Hotline 6311 1555
Web www.rafflesmedicalgroup.com

20. The Housecall GP

The Housecall GP is operated by Dr Choo Wei Chieh, MBBS (Singapore). He has been caring for patients via housecalls exclusively since 2006. He feels that seeing patients in their homes allows him to provide more holistic care. Do note that Dr Choo’s hours are restricted from 8am to 8pm daily.

Hotline 6247 9247
Web www.thehousecallgp.com

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housecall services - do morePhoto & header image by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

We’d all like to achieve that highly coveted work-life balance and there’s no shame in enlisting the help of housecall services. That way, you can carve out a bit more time for your family and friends. Here’s to spending less time running errands and more quality time with the ones who matter in 2018!

Prices accurate at time of publishing.

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