World renowned slimming experts Marie France Bodyline unveiled their new celebrity spokesperson, Singaporean actress Fann Wong, to the media on 7 January 2015 at 72-13, Mohd Sultan Road. The event, themed “A Time to Celebrate”, featured Fann Wong showing off her chic new postnatal figure. It also celebrated her path into motherhood as well as her friendship with people who have supported her career. The actress who cut a svelte figure in a figure hugging black top and mini skirt is due to turn 44 on 27 January. (she looks nothing like it though!)

Fann’s slim waist and toned arms and legs were greeted with much amazement by members of the media. With the help of a ten-week customized three-phase slimming program planned by Marie France Bodyline, she shed a total of 16kg within a span of two and a half months! The new mother was all smiles when she made her appearance on stage and commented that she was very thrilled to have regained her pre-pregnancy figure so soon. Scrutinising her current slender 54kg frame, it would be difficult to believe that the first-time mother gave birth just five months ago and lost 29 inches off her overall postnatal figure!

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On Her Postnatal Experiences

Fann, who hosted a ferocious appetite during her pregnancy, also shared that she took extra care for her baby boy Zed’s health since he required more nutrients after being born with a below average weight of 2.82kg. She bulked up her appetite and avoided foods that could decrease her body’s production of breast milk. As part of celebrating her recuperation after her 100-day confinement period had ended, she had consumed a minimal amount of champagne and had felt guilty afterwards. Although she had taken the precaution to dispose of her breast milk later, she remarked that she still regretted not having kept the temptation in check.

Her personal fashion stylist for the past six years, Martin Wong (featured above with Fann), whom she came into contact with on the sets of a film, explained that he faced difficulties looking for appropriate outfits for Fann during her pregnancy. Clothes found under the maternity section were not exactly very fashionable. He stated that his challenge was to showcase a different and simultaneously unique type of Fann Wong every time she stepped out in front of the media. Martin eventually resorted to looking for alternative clothing that was not exactly meant for pregnant ladies. Fann herself added that she is currently extremely pleased with her figure as it allows her to pick from a myriad of wardrobe options.

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On Motherhood

Despite baby Zed being only 5 months old, Fann said that she has grown accustomed to being a mother already. She expressed her joy at being a mother and also added that she has presently returned to her busy life as an artiste. She gets to spend time with her baby boy only at night as her career is a rather draining one. Fann admitted that she finds it tiring to be juggling both her career as well as motherhood, but she simultaneously enjoys the process. Spoken like a true mother!

Fann’s husband, Christopher Lee, made a surprise appearance at the media launch, wowing his wife with a bouquet of roses as part of her early birthday celebrations. Initially moved to tears by the sweet gesture, Fann later made a wish and proceeded to cut the birthday cake prepared for her by Marie France Bodyline. When questioned if she would desire any kind of special celebration for Valentine’s Day next month, the affectionate mother stated that she only wishes to spend the day with two very special people in her life – her husband and baby Zed. (Awww!)


All pictures courtesy of Marie France Bodyline.

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