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DIY: Recycling Plastic Bags into Gift Toppers

This is a Christmas Day DIY for children and their mummies to make! It comes from Jasmine Koh, who blogs at Scissors Paper Stone. Jasmine, who is mum to two boys aged five and eight, shares beautifully creative and do-able (very important!) craft ideas for parents and children on her blog.

It’s less than a week to Christmas and here’s an idea for recycling plastic bags into gift toppers. Perfect for the last minute present that needs to be wrapped.

To make these gift toppers, I used plastic bags. These red plastic bags tend to be too small for my bins and keep accumulating in my plastic bag stash. So I had a ready stash to work with. The light and thin texture of the plastic bag makes is suitable for this craft and often, people are unable to tell that they were recycled.

Before you begin, you will need a plastic bag, a pair of scissors and a stapler.

Step 1 : Smooth out the plastic bag and fold it in half


Step 2: Then fold the plastic bag in half (again)


Step 3 : Trim off both ends of the plastic bag so that you have a rectangular piece of plastic to work with


Step 4 : Unfold the plastic bag and snip along both sides to create two sheets of plastic


Step 5 : Keep folding and cutting until you have 16 sheets. You may need two bags if your bag is small


Step 6 : To create the petals, pinch one end and staple to form a fold


Step 7 : Pinch another end and staple to form another fold (do this 4-5 times)


Step 8 : trim around the corners to form round petals


Step 9 : Gently separate the layers to fluff up the flower


And there you have it, a plastic rosette that will help put a smile on someone else’s face.

You can embellish the gift topper with fabric scraps. I stapled the plastic rosette to a ribbon and tied that to some other bits of lace, tinsel and ribbon scraps. You can even create handmade cards or gift tags by sticking the plastic rosette (with a strip of double-sided tape) onto small scraps of pretty paper.

I hope that you will have fun making these plastic bag rosettes as I did.

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