Month: October 2012

Finding my Balance as a Mother


When my children were younger, I stayed home to care for them. As they grew older, I began to study and work on a flexible basis, mostly...

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Striving for a Normal Primary School


My daughter has a good friend, J, from her old preschool. He recently visited us on a playdate. It was a pleasant surprise to see that he...

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Is Your Child a Bright Spark?

Preschooler & Up • One Comment

Perhaps your child was an early developer who spoke in complete sentences by the age of 20 months and showed impressive reasoning skills by...

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Build Compassion: Encourage Your Child to Volunteer

Preschooler & Up • 6 Comments

Last month, as President Tony Tan launched the Volunteer Drive as part of the President’s Challenge, he said, “The purpose of this new...

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Teach Your Child Proper Handwashing Techniques

Preschooler & Up • 2 Comments

The UN General Assembly has designated 15 October as Global Handwashing Day and it’s a reminder to the general public (especially...

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Understanding Your (Breast) Milk Supply

Baby & Toddler

“I have often wondered whether I have enough milk. My son has always been small-built compared to other babies his age. Family members...

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Common Newborn Conditions

Baby & Toddler • 3 Comments

New mothers are consistently on the alert when it comes to their babies. We worry about the smallest things – from whether baby is...

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The ART of Making Babies

Pregnancy • One Comment

On 25 July 1978, Louise Joy Brown, better known as the world’s first test-tube baby, was born. She was the result of an experimental...

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