Month: May 2012

Primary Education: Brand Name Or Heartland School?

Preschooler & Up

Many Singaporean parents strategise, often years in advance, to get their children into popular schools at primary one. This sense of...

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8 things to do with the kids this June holidays

Family Fun

Go To Infinity And Beyond! Whether you’re seven or 70, you’ll be welcome at the Singapore Science Centre’s Water Rockets and...

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Does My Child Have A Speech Delay?

Preschooler & Up • 2 Comments

The joy that parents experience when their child utters his or her first words is immeasurable. Conversely, if those words are slow to be...

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All You Need To Know About HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease)

Preschooler & Up • 21 Comments

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common and contagious viral infection that can affect children as well as adults. It hit epidemic...

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Baby Essentials: Getting Ready For Baby

Baby & Toddler

Congratulations! Once baby comes on board, your life will never be the same again. There’ll be sleepless nights, projectile poop, leaky...

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Premature babies: Causes, health issues, and care

Baby & Toddler

Having featured the stories of Dewi and Joycelyn, two mothers whose babies were born prematurely, we now examine the causes of premature...

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Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy


Many mothers become pregnant while breastfeeding an older baby. If you are in this scenario, you may face conflicting advice from family...

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Your 9-Month Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy • One Comment

“My mouth seems to fill up with saliva all the time, and swallowing it makes me queasy.” “I’m in the bathroom every half hour. Is...

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